Top 10 Hot Women with Full Sleeve Tattoos


A collection with beautiful women with full sleeve tattoos. Here is the Top 10 Hot Women with Full Sleeve Tattoos:

10. Grey Scale Black Rose Tattoo

Covered with black roses with careful detailed shade makes it sexy and vivid.Grey Scale Black Rose Tattoo


9. Natures Breeze Tattoo

Bright color, neatly done.

Forest Tattoo

8. Wide Variation Of Full Body Tattoos

You won’t see a hot women with full body tattoos and looking so attractive with the different types of tattoo combination all over the body.

Hot Woman with Full Body tattoos

7. Natures Skin Tattoo

Native and Nature mix together with a bright color and texture, you can see all kinds of nature with floral and forest design like flowers and tribal patterns. Amazing colorful sleeve tattoos for the hot model.


6.  A Good Blend of Colorful Sleeve Tattoos

A good show of colorful tattoos on her both arms. Tattoos covering her entire arms sleeve are of flowers, trees, butterfly and in left sleeve a beautifully designed peacock tattoo with best color combination.


Beautiful girl with stylish make-up and tattooed arms..

5. Geisha Asian Western Tattoo

Japanese inspired women with make up and also covered with a lot of colors its like a mix of East and West.

Sakura Asian Tattoo

4. Grey Scale Flower Tattoo Sleeve

Hot and Sexy  girl with stylish gray scale tattoo covered with flowers in a lifeless format on her left sleeve. The lower portion look more dark with some variations on the design from the upper portion.

Grey Scale Hot tattoo sleeve


3. Vintage Skulls Tattoo

Aged in years during the Victorian era showing the life ( on her right arm) and death ( on her left arm) of a person through the test of time.

Vintage Skulls Tattoo

2. Native Sexy Tattoo

Tattoos with native elements including a native Indian girl on her left arm with flowers, like there is a beauty hidden within. Driving the car increases her appeal to look more hot!

Native Indian Tattoo sleeve


1. Cool Drawing Colorful Vintage Tattoo Sleeves

A very colorful presentation of tattoos on sleeves of this hot blonde emphasizes the neat and clean artwork. Tattoos on her both sleeves cover fully and a red dress made it more amazing.


Hot Blonde Women with Colorful Full Sleeve Tattoos

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