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Top 10 Gorgeous Geisha Tattoos

Posted on November 24, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
A Geisha is a popular Japanese tattoo choice. They are beautiful exquisite women who are talented when it comes to dancing, instruments, games and hostessing. Here is the top 10 gorgeous Geisha tattoos:

10. Black Geisha Tattoo

Black haired colored geisha wearing a black orange robe, elegant but dark.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

9. Geisha in Despair Tattoo

Sad and desperate Geisha, with messy hair and light dark ink, like drawn in a paper.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

8. Animated Inspired Geisha Tattoo

Very animated with big lips and colorful texture waving a fan with neat clean finish.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

7. Old Woman Geisha Tattoo

Old lady Geisha with blue green rob and a white thick make up, it really follows through its traditional formality wear.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

6. Blossom Geisha Tattoo

Pink themed Geisha with blossoms scattered all over her head garment, really shows the pinkish feminine side of a woman.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

5. Geisha in Purity Tattoo

Full white themed Geisha with a purity look and elegant clean touch.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

4. Bamboo Geisha Tattoo

Performers of the late 18th century these Geisha’s had that talent and elegance.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

3. Lovely Geisha Tattoo

Inspired Geisha this girl has it all, looks, talent, and dancing, very light in inking and elegant.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

2. Mother of all Geisha’s Tattoo

She's one of the most influenced women during the 18th century who inspired a lot of women to be performers.
gorgeous geisha tattoo

1. Geisha in Sorrow Tattoo

A Geisha tattoo that is realistic, great shading.
gorgeous geisha tattoo
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