Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

The rose is one of the world’s most famous flowers, and it’s also a symbol of beauty, romance, and purity. In fact, the rose is considered to be a symbol of love and beauty, and it’s been used in art and literature since ancient times. So, if you’re thinking of getting a rose tattoo, then keep on scrolling to see 35 of the most beautiful ones.

1. Black Rose Tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

A beautiful black rose tattoo will capture the attention of every observer. It’s perfect for the arm and a great addition to any collection. If you’re thinking about getting a black rose tattoo, you’ll want to consider its meaning. Is it a symbol of love? Is it a symbol of passion? Is it a symbol of beauty? Does it represent death? Or does it represent something else entirely?

2. Money Rose Tattoo

Money Rose Tattoo

A money rose is often used as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It can be used as a talisman and a blessing for success. If you are looking to get a money rose tattoo, it is important to choose a place where you can see it often. That said, it is one of the most versatile tattoos you can get. You can wear it on your arm, shoulder, back, or anywhere else you wish. The rose can also be combined with other designs such as hearts or crosses.

3. Rose Tattoo With Name

Rose Tattoo With Name

Roses are always symbolic of love and romance. And what better way to honor your love than to get a tattoo of a rose with your name on it?

It’s a beautiful way to express your deep feelings to another person, and it’s a wonderful way to commemorate the love you share. Getting a tattoo of a rose is not only a romantic gesture. It’s also a wonderful way to show off your creative side. Plus, if you are looking for something unique, it’s definitely worth considering.

4. Skull Rose Tattoo

Skull Rose Tattoo

A skull rose is a lovely tattoo design that can be inked on your upper back. Because it is a symbol of death and resurrection, this tattoo can be used to represent a life well-lived. It can also be linked to the heart, soul, or even the brain, making it a versatile design that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be a great addition to your tattoo collection because it is a bold design that is ideal for those looking for something unique and original.

5. Compass Rose Tattoo

Compass Rose Tattoo

A compass rose tattoo is a unique way to get a reminder of the world around you. This type of design is perfect for people who like to travel and take journeys to new lands. It’s also a great idea if you are going through a period of personal growth and need to get a tattoo that is reflective of your growth. Plus, it’s a design that is easy to replicate if you wish to create a second tattoo.

6. Red Rose Tattoo

Red Rose Tattoo

A red rose tattoo is a beautiful and simple addition to any tattoo. It can be a standalone piece, or it can be added to your existing tattoo. It can be used to celebrate a new relationship or to honor someone who is important to you.

7. Butterfly Rose Tattoo

Butterfly Rose Tattoo

The rose and butterfly tattoo is a beautiful combination that will leave a lasting impression. The delicate nature of both designs is highlighted by the contrasting patterns, and you can get this piece inked anywhere on your body. It can be inked on the arm or on the shoulder, and will make for a unique look that you will never forget.

The rose and butterfly are often used as symbols of love and romance, and you can choose to get a tattoo if you are in a relationship. It can be a representation of purity and innocence.

8. Snake And Rose Tattoo

Snake And Rose Tattoo

A snake and the rose tattoo can be a beautiful addition to your body art collection. They are also popular for their symbolism, as they represent a relationship between two people. The snake represents wisdom and knowledge, while the rose represents purity, innocence, and love. Inking this pair together can be a great way to symbolize the love you share. To further the symbolism, it’s advised to place them close together in order to reinforce the message.

9. Sunflower And Rose Tattoo

Snake And Rose Tattoo

This flower tattoo is a great choice for those looking for something simple but stylish. The rose represents beauty and purity, while the sunflower is known to be a strong and sturdy symbol. This design can be easily matched to any outfit and makes a fantastic gift for a loved one.

10. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Yellow Rose Tattoo

The yellow rose tattoo is a beautiful representation of a beautiful woman. It is a tattoo that is meant to bring happiness, love, and beauty into the world. This tattoo is perfect for women who want to express their femininity and love.

11. Cross With Roses Tattoo

Cross With Roses Tattoo

Crosses are one of the most enduring symbols of Christianity, and the rose is a symbol of love. These two elements are combined together in the cross with roses tattoo, which can be found on the arms, legs, back, chest, and even the head. The cross with roses is a stunning way to show your faith, but it can also be used as a reminder of your relationship with God.

12. Rose Vine Tattoo 

Rose Vine Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

A beautiful rose vine tattoo would look amazing on anyone. The colors are very vivid and bright. The black outline gives the tattoo a nice contrast, and the black background gives it a bit of depth. The roses are very detailed, and the vines are thick and full.

13. Guns And Roses Tattoo

Guns And Roses Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

Guns and Roses tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, with the iconic piece of ink being worn by musicians of all genres. The image of two guns crossed over a rose can be personalised for any man who enjoys rock music. There is no reason not to try adding this unique piece to your body, whether you are a fan of the band or simply want to create a personal symbol. It is advised that you seek out an artist who specialises in this type of work, as it can be difficult to perfect.

14. Rose Clock Tattoo

Rose Clock Tattoo

A rose clock tattoo can be a good choice if you like floral tattoos but want something different from the traditional ones. This tattoo is an ideal choice if you want to make a statement but don’t want the commitment of a full sleeve. You can have it tattooed on your hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder, depending on where you feel it will fit best. The clock itself is a good symbol of love and can represent your feelings for someone you love. It can also represent how time moves forward and how each day is better than the last.

15. Rose With Thorns Tattoo

Rose With Thorns Tattoo

Roses are beautiful, but roses with thorns are even more incredible. There’s something about the thorn that draws you in and makes you want to touch it. This is the perfect tattoo for those who love the beauty of flowers but also love the idea of a painful experience.

Rose with thorns tattoos is incredibly meaningful. They represent perseverance, determination, and beauty amidst adversity. The healing power of friendship can be seen in the thorns of roses, which can also be associated with love.

16. Tiger Rose Tattoo

Tiger Rose Tattoo

A tiger tattooed with a rose can be a stunning addition to any man’s collection. This tattoo combines the most striking imagery with the most florid elements, making it difficult to resist. The tiger represents strength and courage, while the rose represents love and beauty. The tattoo can be placed on the arm, leg, shoulder, or anywhere else on the body as long as it complements the design.

17. Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have been popular for hundreds of years and are still popular today. However, tribal tattooing has evolved alongside tattooing technology.

It is now possible to get a truly authentic tribal tattoo that is both unique and beautiful. If you want to show off your ink, you can also get this design on your back. A tribal rose tattoo is a lovely addition to any design and can easily be incorporated into a full sleeve or a large tribal tattoo. It’s a great tattoo to get for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

18. Geometric Rose Tattoo

Geometric Rose Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

For those who enjoy a bit of color in their life, a geometric rose tattoo is an ideal choice. The flower itself is considered a classic, and this design can be seen in many cultures.

The rose is known for its ability to symbolize love, beauty, and femininity. The shape of the flower can vary from being a single petal to being made up of a collection of petals. There are a number of different styles of geometric roses that can be found, including abstract, modern, and Victorian.

19. Dove And Rose Tattoo

Dove And Rose Tattoo

Doves can be lovely additions to any body part and have been associated with peace and love for a long time. The dove is a good example of loyalty and faithfulness.

If you want to honor someone who has shown you love and loyalty, you can use the rose tattoo design. Many people get their wedding rings engraved with a rose and dove because the two represent love and trust. This tattoo is a timeless and elegant option that you can get inked anywhere on your body.

20. Dying Rose Tattoo

Dying Rose Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique and romantic tattoo, then a dying rose tattoo is something you should consider. This tattoo is about as simple as they come, so you don’t have to worry too much about the intricacies of the design. You can get it inked anywhere on your body. This is a great tattoo for someone who wants to convey their feelings of love and devotion. The tattoo may not be easy to replicate, but it is still possible.

21. Lion Rose Tattoo

Lion Rose Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

The lion with a rose tattoo is an elegant piece of art and is particularly popular among those who appreciate the regal nature of lions. In fact, this is a powerful image that is often used in royal portraits. It is also a piece that you can incorporate into a larger design to create a masterpiece.

The rose is symbolic of love and devotion, and the lion is associated with strength and power. The combination of these two symbols together makes for a tattoo that is perfect for a lover or someone who values loyalty.

22. Rose And Ladybug Tattoo

Rose And Ladybug Tattoo

Roses and ladybugs go hand-in-hand, as they are both symbols of love and friendship. Roses are flowers that bloom throughout the year, and ladybugs are bugs that are active during the spring. A rose with a ladybug tattoo could be an interesting addition to your body art collection. It would be a beautiful way to express your affection for a special someone.

You should visit a tattoo artist who specializes in this design if you are interested. You should find out about the artist’s training and experience to make sure you get the best tattoo possible.

23. Virgin Mary Tattoo With Roses

Virgin Mary Tattoo With Roses Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022
Source: Adrian Delgado

Many people feel that the Virgin Mary has healing powers, and she is often seen as a symbol of hope. If you want to honor her with your tattoo, then this design can be a wonderful choice.

The Virgin Mary is believed to have been born between August 15th and September 8th, while roses are known to symbolize purity, love, and healing. For a Catholic man who is looking for a tattoo that will bring him good luck, this design would be perfect.

24. Baseball Rose Tattoo

Baseball Rose Tattoo

Baseball roses are popular among baseball fans, and they are fun, colorful tattoos to get. They can be used as a standalone piece, but they are most often found on a forearm, bicep, or shoulder.

The reason why baseball roses are so popular is that they represent baseball, and they are a fun way to celebrate the sport. Plus, it’s a great way to represent your favorite player or even your team, if you choose.

25. Mexican Rose Tattoo

Mexican Rose Tattoo

A beautiful and elegant tattoo, the rose is one of the most iconic symbols on Earth.

This tattoo is traditionally associated with love, fertility, and beauty. While it can be done in various styles, it is most commonly done as a full-body tattoo. In addition, the flower is also known as a healing symbol and is often associated with recovery from illness.

A rose tattoo can be done on any part of the body, but we highly recommend keeping it to your lower back. This is because it is a very popular place for tattooing, and the lines are smooth and easy to follow.

26. Crying Rose Tattoo

Crying Rose Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

The crying rose is a unique tattoo idea that is sure to be a conversation starter. This design is perfect for anyone who loves roses and is looking for something a bit different from the typical flower designs. It’s a great tattoo to get when you want to express your emotions or simply love yourself.

27. Upside Down Rose Tattoo

Upside Down Rose Tattoo

For a classic tattoo, a rose tattoo may just be a perfect choice. It is an iconic image that is sure to bring a smile to your face, and it is something you can always look back on and enjoy. The upside-down rose tattoo is a different take on the standard design. Instead of being upright, it is turned on its side, and this gives it a new life. The tattoo artist can choose from a wide range of colors and styles, making this an amazing option for anyone looking for a fresh tattoo.

28. Rose And Pearl Tattoo

Rose And Pearl Tattoo

A rose with a string of pearl is a great option for a girl who likes classical and classy but also wants something a bit different.

The rose with pearl is one of those tattoos that can be easily hidden if you so desire. However, it’s definitely a bold choice that can make your design stand out.

29. Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Hand Tattoo

Roses are known for being beautiful and romantic, so why not add a little rose tattoo to your body? If you’re looking for something more elegant, then a rose tattoo on your hand is the perfect way to go. You can add the flowers in any color you choose, and they can be connected to other tattoos on your body or even connected to a tattoo on your hand.

30. Rose Thigh Tattoo

Rose Thigh Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

Roses are a symbol of love, and you can show it off on your body with a thigh tattoo. The design is very feminine, but you can also use it as a statement to show your individuality. This tattoo is also a great place for a hidden tattoo, so you can easily cover it up if you wish.

31. Rose Tattoo On Forearm

Rose Tattoo On Forearm

Roses are beautiful, and you can have one on your forearm. This design is a perfect fit for someone who wants to show off their feminine side and loves to get complimented on their unique style. A rose tattoo can be a subtle way to incorporate a floral design into your body. It’s a tattoo that’s easy to hide if you’re ever in a pinch.

32. Rose Neck Tattoo

Rose Neck Tattoo Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

Roses are beautiful and feminine, so why not tattoo them on your neck?

You’ll be able to show off your passion for the flower, and you’ll be able to add a touch of femininity to your appearance. This is a piece that is sure to turn heads, so make sure you have the perfect tattoo artist for the job.

33. Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Shoulder Rose Tattoo

A shoulder rose tattoo is a great idea if you want something small and feminine. This design is a beautiful way to honor your mother, and it’s perfect for those who have a personal connection to the flower. This tattoo will only take a few hours to complete, so you can ink it quickly and get it done in no time.

34. Rose Chest Tattoo

Rose Chest Tattoo

If you’ve been eyeing a rose tattoo for a while, now’s the time to get it!

These designs look great on almost any part of the body, but the chest is a particularly attractive choice. The beauty of a chest tattoo is that it is visible in all of its glory, so if you are looking for a unique tattoo, this is a perfect place to get one.

35. Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

Rose Tattoo Behind Ear Top 35 Gorgeous Rose Tattoo Design Ideas in 2022

A rose tattoo behind the ear can be a great addition to your body art collection. This piece is very versatile, and it can be used to celebrate any occasion or to express your feelings. You can choose to have it in a single color or mix and match several shades to create a multi-colored masterpiece. This is a design that is sure to turn heads, and it can easily be covered up if you’d like to keep it hidden.

Sunflower And Rose Tattoo

There is no doubt that rose tattoos have become the next big thing in body art. They are the perfect way to express your creativity, your feelings, or your style. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to create your own unique and personal look. If you’re a fan of rose tattoos, then this post is just what you need to get you started.