Top 10 Cute Cherry Tattoos for Girls


Cherry tattoos are both sexy and cute. They are tattooed on girls to communicate characteristics like innocence, sexuality and youth. Cherry tattoos can be a fun designs to play with check out our list of the top eight best cherry tattoos.

10. Simple Cherry Tattoo on Stomach

A simple design with two cherries and three stars. Very good entry tattoo.


9. Cute Cherry Tattoo on Foot

Another simple cherry tattoo. Looks very cool on the foot.

freehand-tattoo cherry on foot

8. Simple Cherry Tattoo

Nice artwork and great shape in this tattoo.


7. Cherry on Navel Tattoo

Dual tattoos on each side offering a great level of symmetry.

Cherry tattoos under navel

6. Detailed Cherry Tattoo on Arm

Awesome tattoo with added bow to really set the piece apart.

Cherry Tattoo design

5. Cherry Tattoo Necklace

A unique design for a cherry tattoo. Really clean and tidy art piece.

Cherry Tattoos

4. Cherry Tattoo on Neck

Another simple tattoo put very tidy artwork and great colors.

Cherry Tattoos idea

3. Cherry Tattoo On Arm

Looks amazing with the other tattoos surrounding it. An awesome tattoo to have.

cherry tattoos top list

2. Cute Foot Cherry Tattoo

We love the simplicity of this, and the placing is awesome for a first tattoo. Very cute.

leg cherry tattoo

1. Two Cherry Tattoos on Model

Side by side cherries with bows. Looks great on this tattoo model.

sexy cherry tattoo

Few more extra cherry tattoo images of girls below.

arm cherry-tattoo

two girls with chest cherry tattoos


Cherry tattoo girl with cherry tattoos on leg


And finally two inked models with cherries and eating…lol…


Inked model eating cherries


Inked model eating cherry

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