Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry Rollins  is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, motivational speaker, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist.

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He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and is a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia.

Henry Rollins Arm Tattoos

Henry had quite a lot of tattoos all over his arms, a lot of variety like roses, a black heart, a black skull , a spider and one notable tattoo on his left shoulder the Einstürzende Neubauten logo. The Einstürzende Neubauten logo can be described as a human symbol with two arms, two legs (one much shorter than another), thin body and big round head with a circle in its middle. It was not created by or for the band, but is a cave drawing of probably Toltec origin.

Henry Rollins Arm Tattoo

here is Henry’s left arm which is not visible on his first picture. there are 4 black bars and below it is a rattle snake with a black skull below his elbow.

Henry Rollins Leg Tattoo

Henry Rollins Back Tattoo

This is Henry’s largest tattoo on his body a large sun on his back accompanied with the words “Search and Destroy.” He is insightful, often brutally outspoken. Usually wears all black.

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Henry Rollins Back Tattoo

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