Henry Rollins Tattoos: What They Mean, And Why He Had Them

We’ve all wondered what some of our favorite musicians’ tattoos mean. Here’s a quick look at Henry Rollins’ ink.

Henry Rollins is one of the most iconic punk rockers of all time. His voice has been heard on over 40 albums, including “Never Mind the Bollocks,” “Black Flag” and “Endgame.” He’s also known for his extensive tattoos. In this post, we’ll talk about the meaning behind the tattoos, as well as give you a few of his favorite quotes and tell you about his tattoo artist.

Who is Henry Rollins?

Henry Rollins Tattoo

Henry Lawrence Garfield is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, motivational speaker, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist.

Rollins got his start in music as the singer for the hardcore punk band, Black Flag.

Henry Rollins has gone on to have a successful solo career, and has appeared in many films and television shows.

Rollins is a big proponent of human rights and social justice. 

What tattoos does Henry Rollins have?

We’ve all seen the pictures of tattooed rock stars, rappers, and other famous people, and we’re curious: What tattoos do they have? Who gets them? And how do they get them?

In this post, we will tell you what tattoos Henry Rollins has and where he got them. We will also give you some information about his tattoos and their meanings.

Henry Rollins Back Tattoos

Black Flag Tattoo

On the back of Henry’s neck is an emblem of the Black Flag.

Black Flag Tattoo

Black Flag is an American punk rock band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California. They are considered one of the first hardcore punk bands.

Many people have chosen to get this logo tattooed on them, including singer Henry Rollins and bassist Chuck Dukowski. 

“Search & Destroy” and Sun Tattoo

Rollins’ back is covered with an angry sun in this tattoo. Furious and spiteful, the sun is gazing back at the viewer.

Sun Tattoo

At the very top are the words Search and Destroy. Authors of autobiographies think that Rollins’ existence on the road had transformed him into a fighter who would never again back down from the things he thought were essential. After Black Flag’s 1985 tour ended, he got the tattoo in a shed in a friend’s garden, where he spent most of his time listening to music and writing spoken word compositions.

Henry Rollins Right Arm Tattoos

Henry Rollins Tattoo

Henry had quite a few tattoos, and on his right arm he has five notable tattoos.

The ink works are available in many different shades and colors like flower, Misfits skull logo, black heart, Einstürzende Neubauten logo, black and tattoo of seven snakes intertwined.

Black Heart Tattoo

Henry Rollins Tattoo

Henry has a black heart tattoo on his right arm with a white silk band around it that says “Raw Power”. The words “Some Kind of Love” and “Some Kind of Hate” can be found around the heart.

You can see the black flag logo just below the black heart.

When someone gets a black heart tattoo, it can mean many different things. Some people might get it to represent the loss of a loved one, while others might get it to symbolize grief or sadness. It can also be a sign of love and compassion, as well as strength and resilience. 

Einstürzende Neubauten Logo Tattoo

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry Rollins has one notable tattoo on his left shoulder, the Einstürzende Neubauten logo.

The Einstürzende Neubauten logo is a human symbol with two arms, two legs (one much shorter than another), a thin body, and a big round head with a circle in its middle. It was not created for the band but is a cave drawing of probably Toltec origin.

Misfits Skull Logo

Henry Rollins Tattoo

This logo was created in 2012 by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig, who was also the lead singer for the band Misfits from 1977 to 1983.

Because of the close association of Misfits and Black Flag, it is not surprising that this symbol is present on Henry’s body.

Rose Bush Tattoo

Henry Rollins Tattoo

There’s a rose bush tattoo on Henry’s upper arm. It is not clear what the meaning is behind this tattoo.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, there are typically no gender boundaries. However, one type of tattoo that has been seen as more masculine is the rose bush. This is likely because of its association with strength and power. There are many different ways to get a rose bush tattoo, but they all share the same meaning: masculinity and power.

Seven Snakes Tattoo

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry has a tattoo of seven entwined snakes and the words “Dead Trip” on his right forearm.

Henry Rollins Left Arm Tattoos

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Here is Henry’s left arm, which is not visible in his first picture. He has got at least five tattoos on his left arm as well.

There are four black bars, which are the logo of his music band Black Flag and below it is a rattlesnake with a black skull below his elbow. And above his band’s logo, he has two more tattoos, and one is DAMAGE which has 4 bars and a few more texts above it, writing “Wash This Out Of Your Will”. Another one is LIFE IS PAIN with two horror skulls and text of “I Want To Be Insane”.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

We added a combined picture of his both tattooed arms below.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry Rollins Chest Tattoo

Spider Tattoo on Left Chest

It’s a black widow spider.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

During a tour, Rollins made a joke about the tattoo, stating that he had gotten it because he was afraid of spiders and hoped that it would help him build a relationship with them.

If you’re looking for his chest tattoo and find image of him with chest tattoos then those are probably fan arts. Following picture is his image with fake chest tattoos. If not, then may be portrayal of any movie character Rollins acted on.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

To support our claim we have added his recent image below which doesn’t have any chest tattoo. Only showing his usual tattoos as we described in this article.

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry Rollins Leg Tattoos

Snake Tattoo

Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry has a large snake tattoo on his leg. In many cultures, the snake is a revered creature.
It’s often seen as a symbol of transformation, healing, and wisdom.
Snakes also shed their skin, which is thought of as a metaphor for change and growth.
Tattooing with a snake is a popular choice for some.


What Does Rollins’s Black Flag Tattoo Mean?

When Henry Rollins joined the band Black Flag, he tattooed his left arm with the logo of the band. The logo has four black bars and designed by the band’s member Raymond Pettibon, brother of founder Greg Ginn. Pettibon stated, “If a white flag means surrender, a black flag represents anarchy.” So, the Black Flag Tattoo on Rollins’s left arm symbolize anarchism, and the insecticide of the same name.

How Many Tattoos Does Henry Rollins Have?

A tattooed celebrity like Henry has a lot of tattoos. He has at least 13 tattoos on his body. At least 6 tattoos on his left arm, at least 5 on his right arm. Others are one on his left shoulder, and one very big black sun on his back. His ink arts includes quotes and texts, skulls, rose flowers, logos, signs and many more to insist your tattoo designs.