Dec 22, 2021

Henry Rollins Tattoo List

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Henry Rollins Tattoos

Henry Lawrence Garfield, who was born in 13 February, 1961 in Washington DC, USA, is widely known as Henry Rollins is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, motivational speaker, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist.

He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and was a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia. Rollins is well known for his celebrity tattoos on his body. He has ink works on his arms, back, chest with different special meanings. Let’s have a look at our Henry Rollins tattoos list below with explanation.

Henry Rollins Arm Tattoos

Henry had quite a lot of tattoos all over his both arms.  On his right arm he has a total of five notable tattoos. The ink works cover a lot of variety like roses, a black heart with some inked lovely quotes, a spider and a black skull.

Henry Rollins Arm Tattoo Henry Rollins Tattoo List

Here is Henry’s left arm which is not visible on his first picture. He has got at least 5 tattoos on his left arm as well. There are 4 black bars, which is the logo of his music band Black Flag and below it is a rattle snake with a black skull below his elbow. And above his band’s logo, he has two more tattoos, one is DAMAGE which has 4 bars and few more texts above it writing ‘Wash This Out Of Your Will’. Another one is LIFE IS PAIN with two horror skulls and text of ‘I Want To Be Insane’.

Henry Rollins Leg Tattoo Henry Rollins Tattoo List

We added a combined picture of his both tattooed arms below.

Henry Rollins Arms Tattoos Henry Rollins Tattoo List

Henry Rollins Shoulder Tattoo

Rollins has one notable tattoo on his left shoulder the Einstürzende Neubauten logo. The Einstürzende Neubauten logo describes as a human symbol with two arms, two legs (one much shorter than another), thin body and big round head with a circle in its middle. It was not created for the band, but is a cave drawing of probably Toltec origin.

If you’re looking for his chest tattoo and find image of him with chest tattoos then those are probably fan arts. Following picture is his image with fake chest tattoos. If not, then may be portrayal of any movie character Rollins acted on.

Henry Rollins Chest Tattoos Henry Rollins Tattoo List

To support our claim we have added his recent image below which doesn’t have any chest tattoo. Only showing his usual tattoos as we described in this article.

Henry Rollins Painter e1582514006292 Henry Rollins Tattoo List

Henry Rollins Back Tattoo

This is Henry’s largest tattoo on his body, a large sun on his back accompanied with the words “Search and Destroy.” He is insightful, often brutally outspoken. Usually wears all black.

Henry Rollins Back Tattoo Henry Rollins Tattoo List

What Does Rollins’s Black Flag Tattoo Mean?

When Henry Rollins joined the band Black Flag, he tattooed his left arm with the logo of the band. The logo has four black bars and designed by the band’s member Raymond Pettibon, brother of founder Greg Ginn. Pettibon stated, “If a white flag means surrender, a black flag represents anarchy.” So, the Black Flag Tattoo on Rollins’s left arm symbolize anarchism, and the insecticide of the same name.

How Many Tattoos Does Henry Rollins Have?

A tattooed celebrity like Henry has a lot of tattoos. He has at least 13 tattoos on his body. At least 6 tattoos on his left arm, at least 5 on his right arm. Others are one on his left shoulder, and one very big black sun on his back. His ink arts includes quotes and texts, skulls, rose flowers, logos, signs and many more to insist your tattoo designs.

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