Top 10 Tattoos with Quotes for Girls About Life

We humans have a tendency of renovating our surroundings. We try update or modify everything we can and this habit doesn’t exclude our body. Yes, most of us like to do experiments with appearance and some of us do experiments with our bodies! One such modification is getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo may considered as a taboo in many cultures but it’s a popular trend nowadays. This trend may seem new but tattooing is going on for thousands of years.

Symbolic Tattoos and Quotes

There are many categories of tattoos. Among  them the most popular one is symbolic tattoos. Symbolic tattoos are tattoos which has a specific meaning pertinent to the wearer. This kind of tattoos does not only include special symbols but also includes famous sayings or quotes. This type of tattoos with a quote is very popular among women. So, let’s find out some of the most trendy and famous 

Top 10 Tattoo Quotes for Women

Most of the tattoos are copyrighted by the tattoo artists who design it. But some of the quoted tattoos are used worldwide. So, let’s find out ten of the most popular quote tattoos for girls and their meanings.

1. “Through every dark night, There is a brighter day.”

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What more you need when you can get a tattoo and by that you inspire others. Yes, it’s one of those kinds of tattoos. We all have faced times when it feels like the world around us is falling apart. To pass those hard times we need just a little hope and this tattoo is about that. This quoted tattoo tells us to be patient in the hard times because there may be a brighter time coming on our way. For this reason this tattoo is one of the most tattoo sayings for women.

2. “Die with memories, not dreams.”

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This tattoo tells about the meaning of living which most of us forgets. We humans are always running towards our goals and dreams. We are so obsessed with fulfilling our dreams that we forget to enjoy life or spending quality time with our loved ones. At the end we may be successful but we would have spent most of our time for that success not with our loved ones. But then it’s too late for making good memories.

3. “Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive”

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Our life is considered the biggest school of all. We learn most from the life lessons. This is true for all. Many people say that we live in a time full of madness. To survive this madness we have do some unimaginable things which makes our mind stronger. This tattoo tells us about this life lesson and this is a very famous women arm quote tattoo.

4. “Let it be”

Our life is short and hard at the same time. In this short period of time we have to face many hardships. There may be a time in our life when we don’t need to be precise or we may not be sure what to do or what to care. This tattoo is about that time. This is one of the most trendy and tiny quotes for tattoos.

5. “I am the master of my fate”

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Well thigh is a very special place for girls. For that getting a good quote tattoo on the thigh may make it more attractive. Most of us believe in fate. But only a few of us believe that we are the one controlling our fate. This tattoo tells us about the competence and confidence some of us feel about ourselves. This is one of the most beautiful thigh quote tattoos for females.

6. “There ain’t no cure for love”

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Love is considered to be the most wonderful feeling of a human. But not everyone’s experience of love is good. Again people do stupid things when they are deeply in love. This tattoo is about this confusing but beautiful situation called love.

7. “Take this broken wings and learn to fly.”

Image source: oddee

This tattoo is about the ups and downs of our life. Our life is full of hardships and sorrows. Some incidents may take something very favorite from us or we may lose hope for some other reasons. This quote tells us to never lose hope and take lessons from broken times to make a better future. This is one of the one of the encouraging tattoo quotes about life.

8. “If not now then when”

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Who knows the future? We don’t know what will happen in the next moment. Our time may be shorter than we think. But we do not think about it while running towards our future. We plan many things. But only a few of it becomes true. This tattoo tells us to live in the moment like it’s now or never. This tiny but creative tattoo may give us one of the most valuable advice about living our life.

9. “Wish you were here.”

Songs are great source of quotes. This tattoo quote is taken from the very popular song “wish you were here” of Pink Floyd. Again love is a very wonderful feeling. When a person is in love he/she only thinks about the person he/she loves and a lover never gets enough of their loved ones. A couple may spend the whole day together but feels lonely just being apart for a few moments. This quote and song tells us about the wonder feeling and craving a lover feels when he/she is apart from his/her loved ones.

10. “I never know where I will end up.”

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Wrapping it Up

These are 10 of the most creative yet trendy quote tattoo ideas for girls. These tattoos are not only inspirational but these are some of the most beautiful tattoo quotes about life.