Top 10 Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Designs


These beautiful designs will amazed you. If you are wondering, what is a mandala? It is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram. Here is the top 10 beautiful mandala tattoo designs:

10. Leaf Mandala Tattoo

A mandala tattoo with a bunch of leaves surrounding the ritual symbol.

Top 10 Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Designs (9)

9. Nape Ornamental Mandala Tattoo

With a pair of ornamental design this mandala tattoo had that geometrical design as well as ornamental theme.

Top 10 Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Designs (6)

8. Blooming Mandala Tattoo

An awesome flower like pattern. It is neatly made with fine ink.

Top 10 Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Designs (10)

7. Butterfly Mandala Tattoo

Colorful butterflies connected together making a mandala design in the middle.

Top 10 Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Designs (3)

6. Rainbow Mandala Tattoo

Nature inspired design with a rainbow color, a mandala tattoo with a mix of light vivid colors.

5. Flowery Mandala Tattoo

Awesome shading with a flowery theme, with a bit of ornamental texture too.

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4. Mandala of the Sea Tattoo

A pirate themed mandala tattoo with cool awesome shading, very pirate inspired making that mandala symbol look like a map compass.

Mandalla skull tattoo

3. Dimensional Mandala Tattoo

With a lot of illusions and elegant design this mandala inspired tattoo shown not only in a spherical idea but had that beautiful shading of texture and creativity.

Mandala Tattoos

2. Mandala Puzzle Tattoo

it had that 3D effect with a cool shading, with stacks of different mandala symbols, very detailed.

Beautiful Mandala Tattoos

1. Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

An awesome and geometric flower like design. Looks amazing on the shoulder.

Mandala Tattoo

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