Top 10 Rose Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


The rose is no ordinary flower. It stands for passion and love. Both men and women like to ink rose tattoos on their bodies because of its sheer beauty and artistic design. Listed below are the top 10 rose tattoo designs that are sexy and can be worn by both men and women:

10. Rose Black Outline Tattoo

Roses look great on the body. This simple design really works in plain black.


9. Wolf and rose tattoo

The design looks cool and romantic at the same time.


8. Rose with a crown tattoo

The design is creative and appealing to the senses. Nice color too.


7. Beautiful rose tattoo

The design is common but looks attractive with a red rose and leaves.


6. Red rose foot tattoo

The shading on this tattoo is awesome. Very artistic.


5. Rose tattoo on upper chest

The bunch of three red roses looks great.


4. Serpent and rose skull tattoo

The design is very impressive. Very powerful and full of color.


3. Rose sleeve tattoo

Tattoos look very nice on the sleeves and this is plain but beautiful work.


2. Sexy rose tattoo on the side

On one side of the waist can be seen a beautiful rose and a bud tattoo design that is pretty and very cute.


1. Black and white rose wrist tattoo

The look of this tattoo is realistic and is inked in black and grey colours. The wrist comes alive with such a cool looking rose tattoo.


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