Tyrese Gibson Tattoos

Tyrese Gibson Tattoo List

Tyrese Gibson is singer, songwriter, actor, author, producer, former fashion model, and an MTV video jockey. He has been nominated for a Grammy for his work in R & B and hip hop and has received the Soul Train Music Award twice as well as the NAACP Image Award and an American Music Award. He is also one of the main characters in the Fast and Furious franchise. In the little spare time he has though, Tyrese has acquired some very well done ink and will be the first one to admit he’s “kind of a tattoo addict” with over 70 tattoos covering the majority of his body. Check out Tyrese Gibson tattoos below in the Tyrese Gibson tattoo list.

Tyrese Gibson tattoos arm

Tyrese proudly has two full sleeves with tribal apparent as his favorite style. The pure black ink on his arms fits him very well and the tattoos in his sleeves blend into a continuous, coherent design seamlessly. Throughout the sleeves there are distinct designs such as the wings on his left arm just above his elbow and the Chinese writing saying “Low class talent” (Tyrese’s first piece).


Tyrese Gibson Stomach Tattoo

The tattoo on Tyrese’s stomach continues on with the tribal theme. Another jet black piece, this one wraps around his hips and meets in a circular design around his belly button. This tattoo is impressive in its placement as well as it’s aesthetic design. The tattoo uses Tyrese’s body shape in the design and plays off it well, making it look even more skillfully done than if the tattoo was moved at all.


Tyrese Gibson Back Tattoo

Partially pictured here is the tattoo on the back of Tyrese. It shows a continuation of the black tribal theme that he has throughout all his tattoos, with the added touch of a banner this time.

Tyrese Gibson tattoos are truly exceptional in artwork and placement. His tattoos highlight the benefits of choosing tattoos and placement that flow with the shape of your body. The tribal design is a very good choice for this flow and all of his tattoos hold a certain elegance in their placement.