Maggie Q Tattoos

Maggie Q Tattoo List

Margaret Denise Quigley, or Maggie Q as she is more famously known, is an American actress and model. Her repertoire is full of popular action films such as Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, and of course her starring role in the movie Nikita. Most recently she can be seen in Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. In 2007 she won the Asian Excellence Award of Supporting Film Actress for her role in Mission: Impossible III. She also won the Hawaii International Film Festival Maverick Award for her role in The Warrior and The Wolf. Maggie displays a handful of tattoos on her different body parts. Her tattoos not excessive in quantity, but have deep, thoughtful meanings behind each one. Check out Maggie Q tattoos list below.

Maggie Q Hip Tattoo

The tattoo on Maggie’s hip is one she received in her twenties and one we got to see for the first time in a photo-shoot for the movie Nikita. She said she kept it covered before, since the tattoo was specific to her, but it seemed to fit Nikita’s personality as well.

The tattoo is a black and gray depiction of a phoenix done in painstaking detail. Its placement is exceptional and it was obviously done by a talented artist. Maggie has said that the tattoo represents her in that she has been told by numerous fortune tellers and others that she was a free spirit. She said it represents how she went from almost nothing when she originally moved to Japan to begin her career to the point she is at now. It represents how she rose from the ashes to get to where she is today.


Maggie Q Left Arm Tattoo

Charlie Roberts from Spotlight Tattoo is responsible for the Chinese lettering on the inside of Maggie’s left forearm. Maggie Q’s tattoos, especially this one, have a softer, more personal meaning that no character she plays can lay claim to. It is the name of her best friend, who passed away over six years ago. She says that her personal relationships mean a lot to her. She likes to keep them private, which is why the meaning of this tattoo wasn’t always widely known.


Right Arm Tattoos

On Maggie’s right arm, exactly opposite of her Chinese script tattoo on her left arm, is Tibetan script. Although raised Catholic, Maggie is a practicing Buddhist and after a visit to a monastery in Tibet, she got the mantra “Compassion to All Living Beings” tattooed on the inside of her left arm. Maggie truly lives by this mantra, as she is an avid supporter of PETA as well as a vegan. She even refused to wear any animal skins or fur during the filming of her movie Priest. She says that she truly appreciates Buddhist principles, as she truly appreciates life and could never hurt an animal and even is the proud parent of a number of rescue dogs.


Maggie also has a cross tattoo on her right arm.

Maggi Q’s Side Tattoo

Maggie has a ‘Zulu’ phrase tattoo writing ‘umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ inked on the left side of her torso, meaning, ‘you are who you are around you.’

Wrapping it Up…

Maggie Q’s simple tattoos on her arms and the more intricate one on her leg show a beautiful message and personality as well as look gorgeous on her. They are well thought out and each one is carefully chosen to depict something deep, meaningful, and special about her life or her personality. They are placed in such a way that they give off a feeling of elegance and thoughtfulness. The actress has said that she wants to continue to get more tattoos, a want that her producers have said they will work into her characters. We can only expect her future tattoos to be done with the same thoughtfulness that the ones she already has have been done with.