Zoe Saldana’s Wonderful Tattoos List

Zoe Saldana’s Short Bio

Zoe Saldana Perego known professionally as Zoe Saldana, is an American actress and dancer. She was born in New Jersey on June 19, 1978, to a Puertorican mother and a Dominican father and was raised by her mother in Puerto Rico when her father died. Following her performances with the FACES theater group, Saldana made her screen debut in an episode of Law & Order. Her film career began a year later with Center Stage, followed by a role in Crossroads. Before discussing Zoe Saldana’s Tattoos list, let’s know more details about her film career.

More on her film activities

In 2003, she was in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. She gained some prominence for her role as Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl film.

Saldana’s breakthrough came in 2009 with the roles of Nyota Uhura in Star Trek and Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar. The latter film received widespread acclaim, and is the highest-grossing film of all time (not adjusted for inflation).

Saldana continued her successful career with films such as Colombiana, Star Trek Into Darkness, Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardian of the Galaxy 2, Avengers: Infinity War and End Game, and many more exciting movies. She also committed for next volumes of Avatars, guardian of the Galaxy and Star trek.

Zoe Saldana Tattoos

Zoe Saldana has a few notable tattoos on different parts of her body. But Zoe was very shy to add tattoos on her body at the beginning.  Zoe Saldana told that it took two years and many trips to the tattoo parlors to get the courage to get inked finally. Now she has at least five tattoos on her body parts which includes left rib cage, left feet, right ankle and right arm.

Zoe Saldana Side Tattoo

Zoe Saldana has a tattoo on her left rib-cage that is done in Persian hand writing, She never discloses any information about it. What is it about, what is the meaning or why she did it, nothing about these.

Here is a closer look at Zoe Saldana’s Persian Rib Cage tattoo.


Zoe Saldana Leg Tattoo

Zoe had various tattoos on her legs. She has two tattoos on her both legs. One Arabic writing on right foot and a star sign on her left ankle.


Upon a closer look Zoe Saldana has Arabic writing tattoo on her right foot which translates to “I want to ask her”.


Here is a look at her left back ankle, a star shaped tattoo colored in pure black ink.


Zoe Saldana’s Arm Tattoo

Zoe got a tiny start tattoo on her left arm. This star tattoo almost identical to her ankle tattoo, fully black and fully filled, no hollow shape in the middle.


To have a closer look to her star sign arm tattoo see the following image.


Zoe Saldana Tattooed Her Husband’s Face To Return The Favor!

We all know that Saldana is married to Marco Perego who is an artist. And another interesting fact is her husband Marco got a tattoo of Zoe’s face on his arm.


More closer look to the Perego’s arm tattoo of his wife Saldana’s face is in below.


To return the favor, Zoe Saldana Tattooed her husband Marko’s face on her left Rib cage. About this tattoo, zoe said to ETOnline that. He has a tattoo of my face on his arm. So it was only fair that I return the gesture, and I always wanted to. In fact, I was the one who was going to do it in the first place, but we get our tattoos with an amazing artist called Mark Mahoney. Every time we go for me, Marco would end up convincing me that I didn’t have to get it, so that he can get a new tattoo. This time I’m like I’ve been waiting for years and you’re not going to shelf me and I’m going to get it,” she added. “It’s my turn. I got it.”

How many tattoos Zoe Saldana has?

Zoe Saldana actually has 5 tattoos after having tattoo of her husband’s photo on her left rib cage. Other four tattoos are inked in her left rib cage a Persian Hand Writing, a hollow star in left ankle, an Arabic writing on her beautiful right feet and a black star on her left arm.