Axl Rose Tattoos – Full Sleeve Arm Tattoos

Axl Rose Tattoo List

W. Axl Rose known as William Bruce Rose, Jr. raised as William Bruce Bailey is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He is the lead vocalist of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, a position he has held since its inception in 1985. Due to his powerful and wide vocal range and energetic live performances, Rose has been named one of the greatest singers of all time by various media outlets, including Rolling Stones and NME. Check out the full list of Axl Rose tattoos below.

Axl Rose Arm Tattoos

The singer of Guns N’ Roses has a few notable tattoos including a full sleeve. It seems like Axl isn’t getting any new ink anymore, he didn’t get a new ink design for quite a while now and he’s happy with his current ink. And we understand, the current designs of Axl are carefully chosen and look very good together. Don’t overkill. Remember, less is more most of the time.


The “Rocker Tattoo” on his upper left arm was paid for by Chris Weber below that there’s the “Victory or Death” tattoo.The motto of the 32nd Armored Regiment of the U.S. Army.One of Axl’s favourite mottos from what I know. Although there are rumors that some ink designs are temporary or fake, it’s clear that all of Axl Rose tattoos are 100% real. We’ve seen his tattoos in countless performances and press conferences.


On his upper right arm there’s the “Black Rose” tattoo.Thin Lizzy’s album cover.Thin Lizzy is one of Axl’s favourite bands. Below this tattoo there’s the tattoo of a woman with black hair who is said to be Michelle(the girl that Axl used to date and the woman he wrote the song “Michelle” for.


William Bruce Rose obviously likes alot of color. All his ink designs are colored. It seems like that he needs some color in life. At the age of 2, his father, William Rose, left the family. 20 years later, his father was killed and in 1984 the body was found near a lake in Chicago. Rose said that he had a very unlucky youth in an interview with the Rolling Stones in 1992. In that interview, he said that he discovered that he was sexually abused at the ago of 2 by his biological father, through regressiontherapy. He also accused his stepfather of having abused during his youth.