Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

In today’s world, people are looking for something that will make them stand out. Rib tattoos seem to be the new trend in this area.

A woman’s rib is very sensitive. These daring girls took it to the next level by having a rib tattoo.

Here is the top 10 elegant rib tattoos for women:

10. Lily Flower Tattoo

Lilies are the most common type of flower in the world, and they come in so many beautiful colors and shapes you’ll never be able to count them all. The lily is also a symbol of purity, innocence, beauty and peace.

They’re often found as tattoos on women because it signifies femininity. The white lilies represent motherhood, which is why they are often worn by pregnant mothers. Lilies have long been associated with funerals for their calming presence at this time of the sorrowful event.

They can also represent Christ or the Holy Spirit for Christians who believe that Jesus was born on Easter Sunday morning, one day after his death on Good Friday evening.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 3 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

9. Dream Catcher Rib Tattoo

The ultimate talisman to insure a good night’s sleep.

The Ojibwe Native American tribe believed that a person had two souls, one which was visible and one which wasn’t. They also believed that while the visible soul slept, the other soul would roam around in their dreams. If they were unhappy with their lives or felt oppressed by anything in society then it could cause them to have nightmares during this time of unrest. In order for these bad dreams not to affect them during their waking hours, they needed to be captured by a dream catcher before being able to reach the sleeper’s mind.

A dream catcher is made from materials such as sinew or string woven into a web-like shape and hung over where the sleeper sleeps. This web captures the bad dreams and holds them close to the dream catcher so they can’t do any harm to the dreamer. The good dreams slip through the thin spaces between the string and are believed to fly down the hole in top of where it is hung, where they are trapped underneath.

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8. Tulip Flower Tattoo

The tulip flower is one of the most iconic flowers because it has so many different variations. The colors can vary from white to reds and purples. They all bloom beautifully and are like roses when grown.

The tulip flower also makes for a great tattoo design because the color variations make them unique.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 7 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

7.  Humming Bird Tattoo

When you see a hummingbird, it’s easy to be enchanted. They’re beautiful and delicate creatures that fly with undeniable grace. And they’re fast. A regular hummer can flap its wings up to 200 times per second and reach speeds of 25 miles per hour. Yet despite their rapid pace, they can hover in place or move backward as quickly as they go forward, all the while changing direction instantaneously. Truly these are some of nature’s most amazing creations.

Hummingbird tattoos are popular because of their beautiful design and symbolism. The hummingbird is graceful in appearance, but underneath it is a fighter. It will protect its territory with ferocity yet remain unoffending in its methods. They will even go so far as to back down if they feel the fight isn’t worth fighting for. If you choose to get a hummingbird tattoo, keep in mind that this animal symbolizes beauty on the surface but strength below that beauty.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 5 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

6. Splattered Dragonfly Tattoo

This winged insect is often associated with the power to fight back against your enemies, and in some cultures, they represent transformation. You may have seen these insects depicted in tattoos on people who are overcoming addiction or depression. The colors used in this tattoo are vibrant reds, black and orange, which can be thought of as healing energies combined together for new life.

This tattoo would be perfect for someone who likes realistic-looking tattoos or for someone who wants to convey how fragile life can be.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 6 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

5. Tribal Vines Rib Tattoo

The Tribal Vines Rib Tattoo is a work of art with a delicate design. This tattoo has the spiky and pointy type of tribal tattoo which looks badass. The tattoo can be anywhere on the body, but it’s usually placed on the rib cage or stomach area. Some people also prefer to have this kind of tattoo near their neckline, where they can show it off to others without being too overt about it.

This beautiful artwork makes for an excellent conversation starter. It’s often worn by those who want to make a statement about themselves without having to say anything at all. Tattoos are also popular among athletes because they’re less restrictive than other types of clothing that may inhibit movement during sports activities.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 1 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

4. Eastern Red Bird Tattoo

Eastern Red Bird Tattoos are very popular among people who want to show their individuality. It is also a symbol of freedom, which is why it’s so often chosen for tattoos. They can be found in many different colors and designs, with the most popular being black or red with yellow eyes. The eastern redbird has been featured in movies such as Annie Hall and Thirteen Ghosts, books like James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, and in music by artists like Bob Dylan.

The tattoo is usually done on someone’s back or arm because they’re easy to cover when needed but still visible enough when wanted. There are some variations that feature the bird on its own with no background but these are rare and often considered to be less attractive. Outlines of the bird against a plain background are much more common and easier to incorporate into other tattoos such as flowers or branches.

A red bird on the top of a tree is sitting and scouting. The way the tree grows up her side is very cool. Eastern, because it has a rich history in Asia, but also because they are found along eastern coastlines from North America to Africa. A tattoo of this beautiful creature would be perfect for any lover of nature or outdoor life.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 8 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

3. Black Rose Rib Tattoo

The black rose is a symbol of beauty and perfection, but it also has dark symbolism as the flower of death and mystery. The black color can represent mourning and sorrow because it does not need light to grow or thrive, while its thorns are symbolic threats and warnings against those who come too close to it.

This tattoo design features an intricate stem with one large thorny bloom at the bottom that curves outwards from the rib cage in a swirling fashion for effect. It will be perfect if you’re looking for something bold, beautiful, and mysterious.

Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women 10 Top 10 Elegant Rib Tattoos for Women

2. Dark Temptation Rose Rib Tattoo

Dark Temptation Rose Tattoo is a tattoo that has been around for centuries as a symbol of temptation.
In particular, it has been used to signify the danger and lure of forbidden love. In fact, this type of tattoo was often found on women who were considered courtesans in ancient cultures because they could seduce anyone with their beauty or power.

The dark temptations rose tattoo also has a more modern meaning as well. It can be seen as a sign of rebellion against conformity and traditionalism which are often symbols of evil in today’s society. Furthermore, some people may choose to get this design because it is believed that wearing someone else’s sins will absolve them from guilt and sin themselves (this belief does not apply to the ones who are wearing others’ sins).

One reason that someone could choose to get the dark temptations rose tattoo is that they like its meaning. The dark temptations rose tattoo symbolizes something intriguing, be it hidden meanings or beautiful symbolism.

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1. Reddish Death Rose Rib Tattoo

The Death Rose tattoo has a lot of detail to it. The skull is detailed and the vines are very dark in color. It’s red with black vines weaving all over, giving it an even more morbid look.

This design would be perfect for someone who likes darker tattoos or wants something intricate instead of simple like other designs out there.

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