Dec 25, 2021

Top 10 Flower Tattoos for Girls

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Flower tattoos look feminine and sexy on women. There are different flowers, each of which has a different symbolism. A Lotus represents purity of the soul. A lily stands for erotic love. Flowers are a manifestation of everything that is beautiful, natural and very pleasing to the eye.

Below is our top 10 picks for hot flower tattoos for girls:

10. Beautiful Shoulder Flower Tattoo

Clean design and simple flower tattoo.


9. Shoulder three Rose Flower Tattoo

Three roses look great, particularly in this color combo.


8. Flower and Butterfly Tattoo On The Back

Very feminine tattoo with the addition of the roses.


7. Flower and Hummingbird Tattoo On Hips

The bird and the flower is an awesome combo.


6. Rose Flower Shoulder Tattoo Black and White

Black and white tattoos are stunning, the shading looks great.


5. Flower and Fish Tattoo For Women on Shoulder

The lotus flower and the carp look awesome together.


4. Flower and Birds Tattoo on Chest

A very detailed piece of art.


3. Thigh Flower Tattoo Design

Very sexy design, not to complicated and great for girls.


2. Stunning Lotus Flower Tattoo

Great symmetrical design.


1. Amazing Rose Flower Tattoos Black and White Up Side

This is awesome placement, looks to be growing and standing tall. Black and white tattoos look great and never go out of fashion.

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