Dec 25, 2021
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Shannon Leto Tattoos

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Shannon Leto Tattoo List

Shannon Leto is a musician and songwriter most well-known for being the drummer of the band he and his brother Jared Leto founded, 30 Seconds to Mars as well as several side bands he had including The Wondergirls. In addition to this he is also a photographer, businessman, record produce, and for a short time an actor with a minor role alongside his brother on the show 

Shannon Leto Tattoos Neck

Shannon has two very notable tattoos on his neck. The tattoo on his throat, below his chin, is Morse code for “L490”, a song that Shannon wrote for his brother, Jared, when he was sick, which included a prayer for Jared to get well soon. Behind his left ear, Shannon has the triangular logo for his band 30 Seconds to Mars.


Shannon Leto Back Tattoos

On Shannon’s back, between his shoulder blades, is a tattoo of the Earth that almost looks like a painting in its rendering. It is unique and beautiful to say the least.


Shannon Leto Arm Tattoos

On Shannon’s upper left arm, is a colorful tattoo that he has described as just being abstract art. The tattoo is made to be purely aesthetic and it does that very well as it is gorgeous. The other tattoo Shannon has is located on his right forearm and is another one of 30 Seconds to Mars’ logos. It is done fading from red to black to blue as it gets closer to the inside of his elbow.


Shannon Leto Ribcage Tattoo

The art on Shannon’s ribcage is yet another ode to 30 Seconds to Mars. It features a black and gray depiction of the cover of the band’s third studio album, A Beautiful Lie. The artwork features a ring with three very realistic skulls and arrows pointing inward.


Shannon Leto’s tattoos are a perfect blend of artistic quality and personal meaning. They show the love that Leto has for his art, his band, and his brother. Another notable quality of the tattoos is balance, looking at all the tattoos as a whole, Leto has found an outstanding balance between color and monochrome as well as a balance between deep meaning in his tattoos for his music and his brother and the presence of art in the abstract quality of his piece on his arm.

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