British Actor Daniel Craig Tattoos

Daniel Craig Short Bio

Daniel Craig is a British actor who was born on the 2nd of March 1968. He is most well known for his roles as James Bond. Earlier he has cast in numerous movies and television series such as Zorro and Sharpe’s Eagle.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

Daniel Craig has hit fame with his extraordinary performance in the movie Casino Royale and also loves inking his body with interesting tattoos. Craig has inked a tattoo on his arm. Its a condor like tattoo with Peru’s Nazca lines style body art.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

Daniel Craig Arm Tattoos

Daniel Craig had a tattoo on his inner right upper arm. He definitely likes tattoos, but wants to keep it modest.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

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Daniel Craig Tattoo Letter E

The 007 actor has the letter red E tattooed on his biceps. Daniel Craig’s tattoo of the letter E stands the first letter of his daughters name, Ella. In 1992, at the age of just 23, he met Scottish actress Fiona Loudon. Fiona gave birth to Ella also in 1992. After the birth of Ella they married as well. When Bond is looking back at the birth of his daughter, the actor says he was too young.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

Craig thought it was the mature thing to do. He’s an honest man though, he doesn’t regret it, but he wish he’d lived his live in a different way. Even though Daniel was only 23, he describes being a dad as the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him.

Imagine how important Ella must be for 007. He played in one of the most popular films, is a worldwide known actor in one of the most watched movies. He loves his life as a celebrity actor as well, but his daughter is different, it’s even more important and valuable for Daniel.

Here are some of his other tattoos. They are said to be fake tattoos that he put on make-up while filming.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

More on Ella…

The tattoo doesn’t look like a clear letter E. That’s because Daniel Craig tattoo on his bicep was curved like the letter C on his Last Name Craig. Ella, carrying the same surname as her father, also became an actress. Ella is besides ‘daughter of’, known for her work on Memory’s Paradigm in 2006, Texas Road and Nara (2008), respectively a short drama movie, a horror and a thriller. All other genres than the obvious action genre of her father.

Daniel Craig wants to keep his family life separated from his life as actor. He prefers not to talk about his family life in the media, although that’s getting harder now his daughter is climbing up to become a celebrity actress.