Kevin Hart Tattoos – Chest and Body Tattoo

Kevin Hart Tattoo List

Kevin D. Hart is an American actor and comedian. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hart began his career by winning several amateur comedy competitions at clubs throughout New England.  Kevin also has a few tattoos on his chest and arms. Check out Kevin Hart full body tattoos below.

Kevin Hart Body Tattoos

It is very hard to read Kevin’s tattoos, because there are no good close up pictures of his ink designs and the black ink barely contrasts with his dark skin. Although we can’t read the text-tattoos, we do know that he has an angel on his right chest and a tribal ink design on his stomach and abs.

kevin hart tattoos Kevin Hart Tattoos – Chest and Body Tattoo

Kevin also has a faded tattoo on his bicep.

kevin hart tattoo Kevin Hart Tattoos – Chest and Body Tattoo

He and his older brother were raised by their mother Nancy. Kevin and Robert’s father, Henry, was addicted to cocaïne and was in jail in the biggest period of Kevin’s and Robert’s youth. Kevin hart became succesful as comedian, he wanted to make people smile as an escape from his home situation with his dad. Even though the relationship between Kevin and his dad isn’t as a father son relationship should be, Kevin says that their relationship is better now his father isn’t addicted anymore.

Kevin Hart Chest Tattoos

Kevin has an angel tattooed on his chest.

Kevin hart angel tattoo Kevin Hart Tattoos – Chest and Body Tattoo

Kevin also has a tribal design down his stomach and abs.

Kevin Hart Tattoo List on a boat Kevin Hart Tattoos – Chest and Body Tattoo

In 2003, the comedian married Torrei Hart. They have two children, Haeven Lee and Hendrix. Their relationship didn’t last forever, in 2010 they divorced, but decided to care for their kids together. Torrei, who’s a comedian as well, and Kevin both use their divorce quite often in stand-up performances. The divorce was not flawless, since Kevin didn’t want Torrei to receive alimony. His argument was that her income is high enough to care for herself, because she’s a comedian as well. Torrei and Kevin are now friends.