Robert De Niro Tattoo List

Robert De Niro Tattoos

Robert De Niro is an American actor and producer who has starred in over 100 films. His first major film roles were in the sports drama Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) and Martin Scorsese’s crime film Mean Streets (1973). After being turned down for the role of Sonny Corleone in the crime film The Godfather (1972), he was cast as the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II (1974), for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

De Niro’s longtime collaboration with Scorsese later earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in the 1980 film Raging Bull. He also earned nominations for the psychological thrillers Taxi Driver (1976) and Cape Fear (1991), both directed by Scorsese. De Niro received additional Academy Award nominations for Michael Cimino’s Vietnam war drama The Deer Hunter (1978), Penny Marshall’s drama Awakenings (1990), and David O. Russell’s romantic comedy-drama Silver Linings Playbook (2012). His portrayal of gangster Jimmy Conway in Scorsese’s crime film Goodfellas (1990) earned him a BAFTA nomination in 1990.

Robert De Niro has no real tattoos, all of his tattooed images are fake movie tattoos, check out our Robert De Niro Tattoo List below:

Robert De Niro Chest Tattoo

Robert had a share of tattoos on his body but the true facts here are these were all fake. Yes folks all the tattoos he had were fakes for the movie “Cape Fear”. Some notable tattoos had a guy with a hood on his right chest, a broken heart on his left chest.

Robert De Niro Chest Tattoo Robert De Niro Tattoo List

Robert De Niro Back Tattoo

One of his biggest fake tattoos are on his back. A huge wooden cross with two scales weighing a cross and a bible on each side. as cool as it looks and badass looking still its a fake tattoo.

Robert De Niro Full Back Tattoo Robert De Niro Tattoo List

Robert De Niro Arm Tattoos

Robert also had more fake tattoos on his arm. some of them can’t even decipher  the meanings of it, only Robert said that these tattoos are for the movie and its washable during the night as what he mentioned during the interview.

Robert De Niro Arm Tattoo Robert De Niro Tattoo List