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Nikki Sixx Tattoos

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Nikki Sixx Tattoo List

Nikki Sixx is an American songwriter, photographer, author, musician, and most well-known for being the bassist for and cofounding the band Mötley Crüe. He has also played in the groups Brides of Destruction, Sister, 58, and his band Sixx A.M. Sixx is also heavily tattooed with a variety of artwork. Check out Nikki Sixx tattoos in our Nikki Sixx tattoo list.

Nikki Sixx Leg Tattoo

One of Nikki Sixx’s most notable tattoos is a piece done by famous tattoo artist and Sixx’s girlfriend at the time, Kat Von D. The tattoo features a black and gray portrait of Mötley Crüe lead guitarist, Mick Mars with the number 1313 on the inside of the bassist’s thigh.

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He has both his legs covered in a variety of full color tattoos, including an FV that was done by his son, Gunner.

2 Nikki Sixx Tattoos

Nikki Sixx Arm Tattoos

The heavily tattooed musician also has full sleeves on both of his arms, which continue down onto his hands. The meaning of the tattoos isn’t something that’s been fully divulged but they feature skulls and fire, the name “Frankie” (which possibly could be a reference to Sixx’s birth name of Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr.), and various other colorful ink.

3 Nikki Sixx Tattoos

Nikki Sixx Tattoos Hand

As mentioned before, Nikki’s sleeves continue on to his hands. The tattoos on his hands are all black and gray, a stark contrast to the bassist’s colorful sleeves. The most notable of these tattoos is across his knuckle saying “Sixx” and “1958” (the musicians birth year).

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Nikki Sixx Torso Tattoos

Nikki’s tattoos continue to cover his whole body, including his ribs, hips, and a completely covered back. His ribs feature a beautifully rendered black and gray angel and cross with “Los Angeles” inscribed underneath of it. The centerpiece for the art on his back is a sun with a background in reds and he has a star on his hip.

5 Nikki Sixx Tattoos
6 Nikki Sixx Tattoos

Nikki Sixx Tattoo Face

Leaving nothing on his body bare of art, the bassist even has a tattoo on his face. Possibly his smallest piece, the black star is on the artist’s cheek on the right side of his face serves as a small, good-looking piece of art.

7 Nikki Sixx Tattoos

Nikki Sixx has been collecting his tattoos since before the world ever met Mötley Crüe. His tattoos are extremely detailed, well planned, and well executed. His tattoos stand as a perfect example of well-done tattoos that are well worth the time and money put into them.

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