Dec 23, 2021
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Top 10 Crazy Head Tattoos for Men and Women

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These tattoos have taken it to the next level. Here are the top 10 crazy head tattoos for men and women.

10. Head Garment Tattoo

Like a hairpin garment on its head looks real, the colors and shadows looks real enough.


9. Black Leaf Bloom Tattoo

A black plant growing on its head with a colorful blooming flower on the middle.


8. Withered Flower Head Tattoo

Lifeless plant withered on the head. the design and features are detailed even on a rough surface.


7. Parallel Ornamental Tattoo

A huge ornamental gem design on its head connecting to his neck, so cool and artistic.


6. Deep Sea Creature Head Tattoo

A extinct fish in the deepest sea with a deadly teeth carved on her head, even the tail had that fish bone exposed look like a death fish fossil.


5. Elegance Head Tattoo

Flowery Lotus design on its head, a lot of dark shaded part in every space of the head its almost invisible when blended with her hair.


4. Quad Hexagram Ornamental Head Tattoo

A four hexagram chained all together inside a spherical design with a ornamental uniformity details in every space of its head.


3. Black Nature Leaf Head Tattoo

A bunch of black leaves forming a mandala design, looks like a ring of nature covered in black ink.


2. Dark Canary Head Tattoo

A small delicate bird its like standing on his head with a black rose on the side.

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1. Head Freedom Eagle Tattoo

A soaring eagle in the sky with cool roses designs and there is a form of light emerging from the sky making a path to its freedom.

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