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Zayn Malik tattoo list

Zayn Malik is an English pop singer-songwriter and actor, widely known as a lead vocalist of the boy band One Direction. Zayn and the other 1D boys have recently developed a love for tattoos, he and the other band mates now sport a fair few tattoos over their bodies and are tottally inked-up. The lead vocalist is getting closer to the tattoo count of Harry Styles, the most inked 1D member. Zayn Malik’s tattoos just keep on coming.  The most impressive one is his full sleeve tattoo, but the singer has dozens of tattoos inked all over his body.

Zyan Malik Chest Tattoo

The first stop on our tour is Zayn’s first tattoo. It’s Arabic for ‘Walter’, his grandfather’s name located on the right side on his chest.

Zyan Malik Chest Tattoo

Zayn Malik Collarbone Tattoo

Zayn’s has a tattoo on his collarbone, also in Arabic. Zayn told twitter that it means ‘Be True To Who You Are’ and serves as a constant reminder to him to not change despite the fame.

Zayn Malik Collarbone Tattoo

Zayn Malik Arm Tattoo

Zayn’s has a tattoo of a yin yang symbol located on his left wrist. The yin yang is a Chinese symbol representing balance between the two forces in life.

Zayn Malik Arm Tattoo

Zayn’s also has crossed fingers on his right forearm that is supposed to mean good luck.

Zayn Malik Arm Tattoo hand

There is a small jigsaw puzzle on Zayn’s right elbow.

Zayn Malik Arm Tattoo puzzle

Zayn Malik Stomach Tattoo

Zayn has a heart tattoo on his stomach.

Zayn Malik Stomach Tattoo

 Zayn Malik Back Tattoo

During their stay in New Zealand, Zayn got a fantail tattooed on his neck.

 Zayn Malik Back Tattoo

Zayn Malik Sleeve Tattoo

Zayn has recently filled out his arm with many more tattoos. The most noticeable are the giant microphone and the tattoo ZAP on his forearm. Check them out below:

Zayn Malik Sleeve Tattoo

Zayn Perrie Tattoo

On Zayns right bicep is a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards: Zayn Malik Perrie tattoo.  He got this tattoo in 2013 as proof of his love for his girlfriend. However, that love seemed to be for a short duration. The supermodel and Little Mix broke up quite fast. Zayn was in a hard situation, broken up with his ex-girlfriend but still having your upper arm covered with a tattoo of her. That’s quite painful. That’s why he decided to get rid of the tattoo in august 2016.

Zayn Perrie tattoo

Here it is from another angle. Looks like a great tattoo piece, but the memories aren’t great anymore since they broke up.

Zayn Malik arm tattoos

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards Tattoo

Below is the image of a snapchat that’s posted by his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, the inking of his ex-girlfriend seems to be gone in this picture. It looks like Zayn Malik had his tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards removed. When you look closely, the face of Little Mix star’s face is gone.

Zayn Malik Tattoos

Zayn Malik Hand Tattoo and Left Arm Tattoo

Zayn has recently got a large henna style flower tattoo on his hand

zayn malik hand tattoo

Here it is in a close up shot. The flower looks great on Zayn’s hand. The checkered flag is also inked on the singers left arm at August 1, right above his flower tattoo.

zayn maliks new tattoos

Zayn keeps inking on, only a week later, he added a new tattoo to his growing sleeve, a new lotus flower tattoo.

zayn malik flower tattoo

Finger tattoos

The lead 1D singer who started his solo career is unstoppable, what part of his body isn’t covered yet? Right, his fingers. In September 2016 he decided to ink the top of his fingers with sketchy symbol designs. He has always been in for complicated tattoos, like his lotus flower and the mandala on the back of his hand. However, Zayn recently showed off his new tattoo on his fingers. It reminds a little bit about Miley Cyrus, whose fingers are covered in ink as well, although she has random images and designs tattood on her fingers.

Zayn Malik Covers His Fingers w/ Sketchy Symbol Designs

Zayn Melik’s tattoos keep on coming. The question is not if he’s gonna take another tattoo, the question is when and what kind of tattoo. We’re excited!

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