Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos


These tattoos are drawn to look as realistic as possible. They take some serious time to finish. Here is our top 10 ultra realistic tattoos:

10. Skin Shoes Tattoo

Shoelaces attached to the skin its like the foot itself is the shoe, realistic and cool.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (5)

9. Holy Seraph Tattoo

A 3D cross on its back with a 3 winged seraph angel on the center, its like a metal cross star attached on the back.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (1)

8. The Gladiator Tattoo

A old roman warrior with awesome featured details like a real person who is starting upwards.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (2)

7. Hard Headed Tattoo

Behind that skin is a hard brick wall almost as hard as the persons personality and looks real.

6. Splashed Eye Tattoo

Teary realistic eyes with cool shading making the tears look like real.


5. Mechanical Girl Tattoo

A  mechanical futuristic woman with a 3D like metallic sharps all over making it more real, good shading and color blending too.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (6)

4. The Aztecs Curse Tattoo

Like a carved stone hollow tattoo in the middle with a bunch of Aztec symbols surrounding all over.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (7)

3. Necrotic Hand Tattoo

Flesh thorn apart exposing the body and muscle part that is nearly on a necrotic stage, creepy but its cool.


2. Stone Tablet Tattoo

A marble carved carefully with the name of the person itself on the middle, its like an old stone hedge but carved with style.

Top 10 Ultra Realistic Tattoos (8)

1. The Terminator Tattoo

A robotic tattoo almost all the parts shown are outstanding.


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