Top 10 Terrible Animal Tattoos


Number 10: Bad Bulldog Tattoo

Look at the poor detail on this. Which end is its head and which end the rear end? This is our first example of terrible animal tattoos.

bulldog tattoo

Number 9: Bad Lizard Tattoo

Little lizard running up her body…

lizard tattoo bad

Number 8: Nandos Tattoo

He must really love Nandos…

nandos tattoo

Number 7: Two Unicorns Tattoo

What was she thinking, two unicorns having sex?

Terrible animal tattoos

Number 6: Bad Wolf Tattoo

A very large piece of tattoo art with poor ink work and scaling.

Wolf tattoo bad

Number 5: Cat Tattoo

A cat tattoo that looks like it was done by a 5 year old. At least the work is light and can be removed easily.

animal tattoo

Number 4: Unicorn riding a Dolphin

What the hell where they thinking…

animal tattoo2

Number 3: Weird Cat Tattoo

A cat tattoo that looks creepy, man that is bad work.


Number 2: Weirder Cat Tattoo

A cat tattoo that looks even creepier and weirder than the one before.


Number 1: Hedgehog with its tongue out

Ok, so how do you get this, you say to the artist “Hey can I please get a hedgehog with its tongue out on my arm” and its done.

hedgehoge tattoo

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