Top 10 Tattooed Dads


Check out our list of the top 10 tattooed dads. Tattoos like great on men, especially these dads. Here is some inspiration for the fathers out there looking to get a few more tats.

Number 10: New dad with sleeve tattoo

tattooed dad 10

Number 9: Young dad with neck tattoos

tattooed dad 8

Number 8: Dad with radio tattoo on his neck

tattooed dads 2

Number 7: Dad sleeping with sleeve tattoo

tattooed dads 3

Number 6: Dad at the park with full body tattoos. 

tattooed dads 4

Number 5: Dad with Maori sleeve tattoos

tattooed maori father

Number 4: Tattoos and Dad with young baby.

tattooed father and baby

Number 3: Dad with sleeves and baby.

tattoos dads 5

Number 2: Dad with neck tattoos looking happy.  

tattooed mum and dad

Number 1: Dad with family, credit to mum for awesome tattoos also. 

tattooed family

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