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Here is our fall season inspired tattoos,with withered leave and colorful reds and browns. Here is the top 10 seasonal fall tattoos

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10. Fall After Rain Tattoo

What appears to be a withered maple leaf with tiny little raindrops, realistic and cool.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (5)

9. Elegant Maple Leaf Tattoo

With smooth vines crawling on the legs and smooth color blending on the maple leaf, its really a work of art.

8. Cold Maple Leaf Fall Tattoo

Falling towards the cold winter following the Fall season its really a mix of two seasons.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (6)

7. Icy Fall Tattoo

Wrapped in a cold weather these flowers still bloom in the chilling mist season.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (7)

6. Fall in Time Tattoo

As the clock is ticking it fall is starting to happen and maple leafs are starting to withered

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (10)

5. Withered Maple Tree Tattoo

Elegant but fading, colorful and bright, that’s what it looks like if a maple tree on fall starts to withered.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (3)

4. Spirit of the Falling Season Tattoo

Colorful maple leaves scattered all over the floor, colorful and so unique.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (9)

3. Realistic Maple Leaves Tattoo

Cool and very detailed with artistic coloring and blending, its definitely a masterpiece.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (1)

2. Fading Fall tattoo

Swirling in the gust of the winds with detailed and colorful texture.

Top 10 Seasonal Fall Tattoos (2)

1. Bloody Fall Tattoo

Reddish and bloody its like fall with a mixture of despair. Amazing use of the back for a tattoo.