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A crown is a symbolic image that represents royalty, usually worn by a royal family. A tattoo of a crown can therefore represents power, wealth and supremacy. Crown tattoos look great, here is the top 10 royalty crown tattoo list:

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10. Queen of Hearts Crown Tattoo

Lovely and elegant crown jewel with a heart on top, simple but creative.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (6)

9. Crown of the Holy Priestess Tattoo

Covered in white gold with a cross on top, purity and elegance.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (9)

8. Crown of the Sacred Sea Tattoo

Covered with pearls, clever design and nice dark color.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (2)

7. Royal Devotion Crown Tattoo

With different and various gems attached to the crown it shows the uniqueness and brilliance of craftsmanship.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (4)

6. Pearl Neck Crown Tattoo

Covered with glamorous pearls with a black pearl on top, A crown to rule the seas.

5. Platinum Ruby Crown Tattoo

Made with fine platinum with rubies, plain and clean but solid ink and shading.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (7)

4. Crown of God Tattoo

Some remembered that Jesus had the crown made from thorns but people made a golden crown for him to show the love and respect that he deserves.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (8)

3. King of Courage Crown Tattoo

The king of the feline species wearing a crown with a courageous look.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (1)

2. Majestic Red Rose Crown Tattoo

Covered in red roses with a diamond, very bright and colorful.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (5)

1.  Angel Wing Crown Tattoo

A crown witn wings. Very nice shading and design. A truely unique piece of art.

Top 10 Royalty Crown Tattoos (3)

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