Lizard inspired tattoos with different reptile species, lizards can be creepy but also have alot of historic meaning being ancient creatures. Here is the top 10 reptilian lizard tattoos:

10.  Tribal Lizard Tattoo

Cool tribe inspired lizard with tribal patterns all over the back.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (1)

9.  Hot Hawaiian Lizard Tattoo

Cool tribe lizard tattoo with a face of a person, and every pattern is really artistic.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (2)

8. Cool Iguana Tattoo

Iguana’s gaze with a realistic skin lizard, cool and had that 3D effect.

7. Desert Lizard Tattoo

Camouflaging itself towards the dry desert, cool and spotted skin.

6. African Lizard Tattoo

Greenish bright colored lizard like a chameleon and very detailed even on the rough edges on the skin.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (8)

5. Iguana Dragon Tattoo

Creative Iguana tattoo with a pair of dragon wings, very creative and artistic

4. Titan Lizard Tattoo

Green and huge fat lizard with patterned yellow scales, clean inking with light green color.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (5)

3. Rainbow Lizard Tattoo

Cool rainbow texture, very vibrant and cool color.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (7)

2. Bright Chameleon Tattoo

Blending towards the rain forest with these chameleons know how to get stealth in any environment.

Top 10 Reptilian Lizard Tattoos (9)

1. Sea Iguana Tattoo

A water lizard with a goldfish colored skin, very colorful and creative tattoo.