These are my top 10 Aztec realistic tattoos with detailed features and rock like texture.

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10. The Owl Aztec Tattoo

A stone like texture with an owl totem in the center with Aztec words surrounding it.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (4)

9. Slavery Aztec Tattoo

A Aztec tribe carrying a huge stone on its back, with a realistic hollow back as if the skin is carved.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (5)

8. Raging Bull Aztec Tattoo

A crack stone texture with a raging bull and has that raging eyes.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (6)

7. Tribal Aztec Tattoo

Like a carved tree tribal tattoo with all sorts of spiked vines growing and growing.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (2)

6. Tribe King Aztec tattoo

A Aztec king on the center with a stone marble texture created a hollow like 3D effect and the details are great too.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (8)

5. Life of Aztec Tattoo

A bronze like texture that has been crafted showing the history of Aztec and showing all sorts of time line figure.

4.  Kings Treasure Aztec Tattoo

A map like structure of the king showing all clues leading to the ruins of treasures of the Aztec tribe.

3.  Aztec Worker Tattoo

A stone figure texture carved on the deltoid showing the hardship of a slavery Aztec worker. Unique and realistic.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (1)

2. Runic Aztec Tablet Tattoo

A stone like carved with the hidden language of the Aztec tribe each icon has its own meaning.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (7)

1. Ornamental Timeline Aztec Tattoo

A history of the Aztec civilization is drawn on the back, with symbols and languages hidden through each space.

Top 10 Realistic Aztec Tattoos (10)

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