Top 10 Lovely Couple Tattoos


These tattoos were made especially for couples.  If you and your partner are planning on getting a tattoo together here is some great inspiration and ideas. Check out our top 10 lovely couple tattoo list:

10. Heart Lock and Key Tattoo

A pair of lock and key good for couple who wanted to have this kind of tattoo, simple shading too.

9. Roman Numeral Pair Tattoo

It could be a anniversary date or wedding date, simple but cool to have it.

8. Roman Numeral with Handscript Tattoo

Same as the above but with hand scripted letters, simple and effective.

7. Lucky Heart Charm Tattoo

A thread like tattoo with a heart locket, cool and simple and looks realistic.

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6. Heart Puzzle Tattoo

Its a missing piece of the partner itself, looks realistic and 3D like with rich red color.

5.  Elegant Lock with Couple Key Tattoo

Majestic like lock with a hidden key that’s embed in the skin, realistic with cool shading.

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4.  Beyond the Sea Couple Tattoo

Long distance tattoo with a anchor and a boat wheel paired together, very lovely and cute.

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3. King and Queen Tattoo

Two crowns fit for two lovers,  with detailed shading and cool crown design.

2. Eternal Couple Handscript Tattoo

Fine hand script tattoo with no messy ink just plain and simple but awesome when its neatly done.

1. Couples Skull Rose Tattoo

Thick inking with a lot of cool shading, even the color looks vivid, it symbolizes eternal love.

Now few more photos of some amazing couples with tattoos on their body parts. Hope you will like those tattoos.

Sexy couple with full back tattoos

cute couple tattoos


top 10 couple tattoos
Good looking tattooed couple

What is couple tattoo

sexy couple tattoos
Young tattooed couple

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