These tattoos are created with impressive imagination and creativity, they feature different colors and textures with a lot of ink. Here are my top 10 impressive art tattoos:

10. Hexagon Ornamental Tattoo

A circular hex tattoo with a uniformity design, cool and awesome.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (9)

9. Metallic Bot Arm Tattoo

Ripping through the flesh this robotic arm tattoo shows that muscles are stronger than any mech robots.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (4)

8. Patriotic Star Tattoo

Symbol of freedom and unity, the skin is like a crack stone marked by a star.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (2)

7.  Flowery Ornamental Design Tattoo

Cool pattern with detailed penmanship of ink, thick and thin shading and cool blending.

6. Nautilus Armor Tatttoo

It has that illusion effect with swirling patterns like a nautilus, it may be a shell design but hard as metal.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (3)

5.  Tribal and Ornamental Tattoo

It used a lot of thick ink with a lot of uniformity design, plain black but outstanding.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (1)

4. Carved Wing Back Tattoo

Angel wings spreading through out the back connected through the skin, very realistic with awesome texture.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (1)

3. Raging Kraken Arm Tattoo

A giant octopus with vibrant and rich colors surrounding the tattoo, fine texture with fine color.

Top 10 Impressive Art Tattoos (8)

2. Blazing Phoenix Tattoo

Rich in color with awesome texture, very unique and clean.


1. Squid Attack Tattoo

Giant red squid emerging from the sea with cool awesome design and the color looks so vivid, and neatly done.

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