Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos


These hot models may not be celebrities but they have that captivating beauty that can not be matched. Here are the top 10 hottest girls with awesome tattoos.

Hottest Girls With Their Awesome Tattoos

We will discuss more about the tattoos and the 10 girls we selected for their awesome tattoos. We may have selected popular ones but we didn’t focus on person rather than their inked works and appeal with the tattoos. Below we will discuss in detail, keep reading…

10. Red Bikini Girl Tattoo

Petite and sexy with lots of colorful tattoos around, and shes beautiful too. You won’t see such a colorful full body tattoos all the time.

Girl with tattoos in Red hot bikini


9. Hot Girl Tattoo Winking

Awesome full sleeves and chest tattoos with a mix of different designs, kinky Asian model and cute too.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (9)

8. Hot Girl Tattoo Model

Less tattoo texture and color but it suites on her body especially with her skin tone and appealing look and figure.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (1)

7. Hot Light Skined Girl with Tattoos

White haired model with a couple of colorful designs on her body and arm, cool and neat.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome sleeve Tattoos

6. Hot Tattooed Alt Model

Hot and funky too with lots of body shadings and black themed tattoos, really cool and unique.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (10)

5. Hot Girl Tattoos

Wild and free, good for teenagers with flowery designs all over the arm, sexy and hot too.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (8)

4. Hot Girl Tattooed with Superheros

Super hot and super sexy too, with a bunch of super hero tattoos, very sizzling looking.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (3)

3. Hot Girl Tattoo from the past

Looks like a model from 70’s and a lot of old school tattoos on her body, like a New Yorker Girl. A black and white picture establishes that vintage and elegant look strongly.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos (6)

2. Hot Girl Tattoo with Peacock

Hot model like a Cleopatra girl with a bunch of animal tattoos.

Top 10 Hottest Girls with full body Tattoos

1. Very Hot Tattooed Model

Full of sexiness and the tattoos are also feminine themed full of flowers, awesome and bad-ass too.



We have tried to provide information of girls who looks awesome and inked still look hot and appealing. If you want to see more more familiar girl then you can look at Tasha’s tattoos here.

Before Wrapping It Up…

Now we will also include some hot girls images with inked works. There will not be any explanation of their tattoos just images.

Top 10 Hottest Girls Tattoos


Top 10 Hottest Girls Awesome Tattoos


Hottest Girls with Awesome Tattoos

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