Top 10 Hottest Blonde Girls with Tattoos


These women had the looks and the appeal as well as tattoos. So here is the top 10 Hottest Blonde Girls with Tattoos:

10. Native Bust Tattoo

Hot busty girl with Native American tattoos all over her arms.

Native Bust Tattoo

9. Blooming Beauty Tattoos

As delicate as a flower, this sexy young blonde girl had that colorful tattoo on her waist.

Blooming Beauty

8. Fairy’s Touch Tattoo

With a fairy and a bunch of fantasy tattoos on her arm sleeve.

Fairy's Touch Tattoo

7. Floral Sexiness Tattoo

Floral Tattoos all over her sleeve with a face of a woman on top, sunflowers drawn in pure black ink too.

Floral Sexiness Tattoo

6. Natures Desire Tattoo

Nature inspired tattoo with vines and colorful shading.

Natures Desire Tattoo

5. Hot Innocence Tattoo

With an innocence look it still shines the beauty of this blonde girl together with her tattoos that describes her feminine side.

4.  Winged Goddess Tattoo

Black inked tattoo with wings, every design is delicate and detailed, her body matches the tattoo in every way.

Winged Goddess Tattoo

3.  Divine Seduction Tattoo

Covered with a divine tattoo with a saint and crosses all over her body it shows the power of seduction and beauty who wears it.

Divine Seduction Tattoo

2. Sacred Beauty Tattoo

Another divine tattoo with angels and gospel words on her legs and on her neck with old English text format.

Sacred Beauty Tattoo

1. Cross Asian Tattoo

Asian themed tattoo with geisha’s, Japanese inspired ornaments and a lot of colorful designs that suite this sexy model.

Cross Asian Tattoo

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