These girls define what SEXY is, different women with different tattoo designs that suites their beauty so here are my Top 10 Hot Spanky Girls with Tattoos

10. Skull Wicked Girl Tattoo

Gorgeous busty girl with a skull tattoo on her arm surrounded by a red web ink.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 2

9. Hot Summer Tattoo Girl

Sexy and flawless with colorful tattoos all over her arm.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 6

8. Asian Sakura Tattoo

Asian inspired tattoo with a lot of shading.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 5

7. Gorgeous Geisha Tattoo

Asian themed tattoo with a Geisha tattoo.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 9

6. Dragon Floral Tattoo

Cold Lotus with a black dragon on his back.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 10

5. Hot Asian Skull Tattoo

Sexy Asian girl with a blue cold skull tattoo on his back surrounded by necklace beads and a heart gem.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 7

4. Devils Frame Tattoo

Wicked and detailed with black ink details.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 3

3. Hot Devils Kiss Tattoo

Red haired sexy girl with winged tattoo details and excellent color blending.

Spanky Girl Tattoo 1

2. The Heroes Tattoo

Covered all over her body with Gothic inspired themed tattoo with superhero tattoos on her legs.

1.  Roses of Beauty Tattoo

Busty and Gorgeous Girl with roses all over her arm sleeve showcasing the feminine symbol of every women.

Spanky Girl Roses Tattoo 4