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Top 10 Half Sided Chest Tattoos

Posted on November 20, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
Half sided chest tattoos with marvelous designs and detailed features popular with celebrities and sport stars. Here is our top 10 half sided chest tattoos.

10. Infernal Arm Tribal Tattoo

Half sided infernal arm tattoo with a bunch of blazing flames, simple yet cool.
half sided chest tattoo

9. Tiki Tribe Insignia Chest Tattoo

A tribe Tiki head totem on the right side of the chest with neat inking and even its light in shading its still cool to look at.
half sided chest tattoo

8. Waves of the Wind Tribal Chest Tattoo

Wind vines scattered all over the right side of the chest area with cool detailed ink features too.
half sided chest tattoo

7. Hard Scale Half Chest Tattoo

Complicated as it look and its more on shading than thick inking, it even had that hand script littering on the upper side of the chest.
half sided chest tattoo

6. Aztec Tribal Chest Tattoo

The design and the pattern really symbolizes the Aztecs, its like you can see this in any clothing blanket.
half sided chest tattoo

5. Solar Curse Tribal Tattoo

A figure of a sun with a bunch of rectangular patterns, every pattern and design represents the timeline of the tribe in the prehistorical age.
half sided chest tattoo

4. The Sea Devil Tribal Tattoo

A huge Kraken with long and wide tentacles seeking for its next prey. looks realistic and outstanding design too.
half sided chest tattoo

3. Lion Heart Chest Tattoo

A huge lion on the chest part growling with a detailed inking and the shadings are cool too.
half sided chest tattoo

2. Sacred Rainbow Bird Tattoo

A huge winged bird like a phoenix scattering its wings with color, its like a splattered color ink.
half sided chest tattoo

1. Native Machinist Chest Arm Tattoo

Carefully detailed with full scale of inking and it even shows the 3D perspective of the tattoo itself.
half sided chest tattoo
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