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Top 10 Gorgeous Poppy Tattoos

Posted on November 24, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
A Poppy is a kind of flower, it is also an opium drug used as early as 3400 B.C. these delicate flowers look awesome so tattoos. Here is the top 10 gorgeous poppy tattoo list:

10. Delicate Poppy Tattoo

Pink poppy with a splashing stem on its roots, elegant and beautiful.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

9. Deadly Purple Poppy Tattoo

Withered poppy with a bird standing on that deadly flower, unique and even the background shows a transparent blooming flower.
gorgeous poppy -tattoo

8. Elegant Freedom Poppy Tattoo

Crows flying all over as if waiting for you to be intoxicated till death by these deadly poppy’s.
gorgeous poppy -tattoo

7. Bloody Red Poppy Tattoo

As deadly as it could get, red colored poppy’s with a bird trying to escape, creative and the shading looks unique.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

6. Shinny Ruby Poppy Tattoo

As red as a flaming ruby, simple but with bright red colors, really vivid.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

5. Thin Petal Poppy Tattoo

Thin poppy’s growing out of a seed.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

4. Deadly Poppy Raven Tattoo

Poppy are deadly narcotic substance also,
gorgeous poppy tattoo

3. Purple Fade Poppy Tattoo

Almost realistic with great detail on the ink.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

2. Bloody Poppy Tattoo

Dripping in blood these poppy, elegant.
gorgeous poppy tattoo

1. Deadly Bloom Poppy Tattoo

Rough texture but clean in shading, very delicate, a skill handed tattoo artist can only make this can of tattoo.
gorgeous poppy tattoo
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