Looking across Asia it is known that beautiful women with an exotic looks have majority when it comes on the term HOT. It would be hotter seeing these women with hardcore tattoos all over their body. So here are myΒ Top 10 Gorgeous Asian Girls with Tattoos:

10. Sailor Girl Tattoo

She had a sailor blonde girl that resembles a american sailor with a bunch of bright and vivid colors.


9. Twin Dragon Tattoo

Made from pure black ink without shading this twin dragon tattoo resembles power and courage, the artist even had a creativity on the birth mark of the girl on her right shoulder blade that looks like the dragon is grasping through her birthmark.

Twin Dragon Tattoo

8. Asian Garden Tattoo

Colorful floral design with dark and sharp colors matching with a realistic butterfly tattoo all over her back down to her buttocks.

Asian Butterfly Tattoo

7. Snake Lotus Tattoo

On her left arm a huge serpent wrapped around her bicep while on her right forearm shows a red lotus.

6. Sacred Bird Butterfly Tattoo

A black Phoenix on her right hip covered all over with black ink and a butterfly on her belly. It represents life and nature

5. Edens Mark Tattoo

A garden full of floral design with different flowers and petals.

Floral Tattoo

4. Blossom Phoenix Tattoo

Grey emerald Phoenix with pink cherry blossom petal scattered all over her left hip down to her buttocks, feminine and scorching personality.

Phoenix Tattoo

3. Lovely Geisha Tattoo

Brilliant design and detailed cloth patterns with colored ink. Its a complex artwork but amazingly clear

Full back Geisha

2. Oceanic Asian Tattoo

Shades and shades of color with different contrast of ink with a ocean theme, she can be a mermaid though and from that looks her tattoos suite her more

1. Snake Peacock Tattoo

Solid in inking and cool in color, not a realistic tattoo but with a neat finish that has that exotic look of a snake with a delicate touch of a soft feathered peacock bird

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