Full creative chest tattoos are here, with a good mix of shading a chest tattoo can look amazing. Here are my top 10 full chest tattoos for men.

10.  Winged Cross Tattoo

A shining cross with a pair of wings through out the sky, light in color and very classic.

9. Spiral Black Hole Chest Tattoo

a 3D like effect with a spiral shape as it swirls to the center like a black hole.

Top 10 Full chest Tattoos for Men (6)

8. Skulls Fade Full Chest Tattoo

An aged skull with no jaws fading through out time, cool and awesome shading with soft texture.

7.  Native Tribal Full Chest Tattoo

Neat and with clean details on the tattoo, uniformly made with a maori tribal theme.

6. The Phoenix and the Dragon Tattoo

Colliding and facing one another these legendary beasts have that awesome detailed inking.

Top 10 Full chest Tattoos for Men (7)

5. Night and Day Full Chest Tattoo

Its like straight from the tarot card with a couple of baby angels and a numeral number that says 17.

Top 10 Full chest Tattoos for Men (9)

4.  Fury Tigers Full Chest Tattoo

Two tigers facing each other growling with cool display of texture and shading, very detailed.


3. Death by Time Full Chest Tattoo

A detailed skull under a drawn pocket watch with a bunch of roses showing each persons death only time can tell.


2. Anonymous Full Chest Tattoo

A secretive group of people ‘anonymous’ who run their organization secretly and a bunch of roses drawn on each side with a brilliant display of color and texture. Cool tattoo.


1. Shattered Skull Full Chest Tattoo

Broken with a lot of shattered parts of the skull, remarkably detailed and with proper shading, realistic and with the right amount of ink. Not a beginners tattoo at all.

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