FHM is the Number One Online Source for Sexy Women, News, Fashion, Technology. Monthly issue covers have a lot of sexiest women in Asia. I have gathered some interesting contents and sexiest models with tattoos. Here is the top 10 FHM Models with Tattoos

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10. Angela Gabrielle’s Abdomen Tattoo

The tattoo on Angela Gabrielle’s lower torso is that of a stargazer lily, which, she admits, is meant for her soulmate. In the Orient, it actually means “I see heaven in your eyes”.

9. Divine Smith Arm Tattoo

Divine Smith has long and lithe limbs covered in the most intriguing of tattoos, some of which she even did herself. “The one on my arm has the most meaning, the one with the writing,” she tells us. “What it means is I believe in making your own fate, and that the path you choose is the one that is meant to be for you.”

8. Angel Malit’s Wrist and Belly Tattoos

Alas, the strawberry tattoo on Angel Malit’s right thigh intrigues us to no end. What’s up with that? she quips. “But my favorite is the kanji character on my tummy. It means ‘brave.

7. Lovi Poe Rib Cage Tattoo

According to Lovi Poe, every tattoo on her body has a meaning. She has a matching pair of tattoos (“My Wings,” “My Gravity”) on both sides of her ribcage, which she dedicates to her dad, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. “He makes me fly, then, pulls me back to the ground,”

6. Paloma’s Belly Tattoo

The ink on Paloma’s torso—the one that says la vida es bella—actually means “life is beautiful.” The ones on her wrists, meanwhile, say “faith” and “obey.”

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5. Jeri Lee Body Tattoo

Jeri Lee takes pride in being a human canvass and owns some of the cutest tattoos a girl could ever have, but the most impressive one has to be the Hello Kitty figure imprinted on her back. Sanrio power!

4. Solenn Heussaff Rib Tattoo

Solenn Heussaff has six tattoos in all, our favorite being her family motto written in Celtic on the right side of her body. The ink says ma kouez en em saff, meaning “If I fall, I will rise again.” Fancy!

3. Ellen Adarna’s Rib Cage Tattoo

The tattoo on Ellen Adarna’s ribcage reads: “God grant me the Serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Fits her personality like a glove, don’t you think?

2. Danita Paner’s Arm Tattoo

Much like Erika, Danita Paner’s rosary tattoo also made the cover of FHM. “It’s my only one,” she mentioned that when shes far away from home someone gave her a rosary which is too much important to her but she lost it and think why not placed the rosary in my body permanently?

1.  Erika Padilla’s Groin Tattoo

Erika mentioned during the interview”I don’t think my tattoo is objectifying me as a sex symbol. I think it’s even empowering me, because it’s who I am. I’m a Filipina.” That’s what you call freedom of expression.