Top 10 Different Lion Tattoos


Colorful and with a different look, lions have that dominance and they rule the kingdom of the feline species. Here are my top 10 different lion tattoos.

10. Cubism Lion Tattoo

A form of cubism lion with cube like structure and it shows that sharp form edges.

9. Crystal Lion Tattoo

A sketch like lion with a crystallized look, fierce and very delicate.

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8.   Furry Angles Lion Tattoo

A form of micro triangular shapes forming all together as one picture, pixels of shapes forming a face of a lion.

7.  Colors of the King Lion Tattoo

A colorful lion tattoo with a abstract concept and wearing a crown like the king of the animal species.

6.  True Colors Lion Tattoo

Rainbow type colored lion with a mix of different colors scattered everywhere on its fury hair.

5. Roaring Colors Lion Tattoo

A sharp gaze lion with an artistic color, it looks like a strand of lines vibrating.

4. Fire and Ice Lion Tattoo

Two lions with different elements, fire and ice with a sticker like format and very abstract.

Top 10 Different Lion Tattoos (10)

3. The Growling King Lion Tattoo

Pencil sketch like format tattoo with detailed hair features growling, awesome shading and cool thin inking.

Top 10 Different Lion Tattoos (5)

2. Tamed by the King Tattoo

A tamed realistic lion with a scratch on its eyes and the shadings are unique.

1. Blood feast Lion Tattoo

A angry lion with a blood splattered color all over, it even shows the scratches and the brutally of the ferocious lion itself.

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