Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos


Fans of the batman franchise you would definitely love these “the joker” tattoos. Here is our top 10 different Joker tattoos.

10. Joker Batarang Tattoo

The face of the joker portrayed on the insignia of batman, a collision of good and evil.

9. Grinning Joker Tattoo

A mad man joker tattoo with bruises and scars all over with that bloody smile.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (2)

8. Sinister Joker Tattoo

A wicked look with a less detailed but emerging from the skin, cool and sketch like format.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (10)

7.  Cold Blooded Joker Tattoo

With pale blue make up and that blood shut eyes, really artistic and dark.

6. Killer Joker Tattoo

Sinister  look with a realistic face, an old joker from an old batman series.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (6)

5. Dead face Joker Tattoo

A heath Ledger inspired joker with a dead look on its victim emerging from the skin with a 3D effect.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (7)

4. Nurse Joker Tattoo

A scene where Heath Ledger pointing a gun on its head with a fearless look.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (4)

3. Why so Serious Joker Tattoo

A dark shady Joker with a dark look and that mouth ripping face, cruel and evil.

2. Serious Joker Tattoo

Ripped lips with a terrifying look, another Heath Ledger inspired tattoo with cool texture and shading.

Top 10 Different Joker Tattoos (9)

1. The Terrible Joker Tattoo

Almost as realistic as it could get even the lips are more shinny and the features have that neat finish, cool and awesome joker tattoo.

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