Top 10 Detailed Geometrical Tattoos


Geometry tattoo designs have deep symbolic significance and meaning. Geometry is a science of perfection and symmetry, these tattoos have amazing balance and harmony between elements. Check out our top 10 detailed geometrical tattoos:

10. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 10

A nape geometrical ornamental type tattoo on the back with uniformly arranged.

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9. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 9

Flowery type tattoo in a geometrical form with the right amount of shading and clean inking.

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8. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 8

Illusion type with thick and think inking, it has that perfect pattern that makes your eyes confuse.

7. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 7

Scale assorted type of geometrical patterns placed on the skin with detailed color, flowery pattern too.

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6. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 6

The flower has that 3D effect making it real although less shading was used its still a marvelous work of art.

5. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 5

Circular ornamental geometrical design with detailed patterns in each space.

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4. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 4

Glass floral geometrical pattern with a web like structure, very clean and unique.

3. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 3

Star web ornamental tattoo, another 3D like tattoo with a blue print star design below, very amusing and creativity.

2. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 2

Uniformly patterned with the right shading, its like it can be seen on any cloth pattern.

1. Awesome Geometrical Tattoo no. 1

Sparkling like a gemstone with lots of reflection glass in a geometrical pattern.

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