Top 10 Detailed Chest Tattoos for Men


10. Native Chest Tattoo

Impressive design – tribe like theme. Good for Native Americans. Quality thickness of the ink.

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9. Skull wing Rose Tattoo

Good shading with detailed wing design, awesome rose texture with brilliant black and red blending.

 Top 10 Chest Tattoos (9)

8. Shadow Gothic Eagle

Dark gothic eagle theme with serpents on the claws, cool shading too.

  Top 10 Chest Tattoos (10)

7.  Scroll Feathered Tattoo

Fine ink with a remarkable shading, a bit messy but a very detailed chest tattoos. Artistic with careful craftsmanship is used here.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (8)

6. Two Face Emerging Tattoo

Looks a bit creepy but expressive. The eyelashes are realistic with a dark shade theme.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (4)

5.  Patriotic Eagle Tattoo

For american men who have love for their country, cool with color and awesome blending and shading.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (7)

4. Winged Hourglass

Artistic and not common. With blood content inside an hourglass.

 Top 10 Chest Tattoos (6)

3. Cyborg Anatomy Tattoo

Mech like fans will love this, Anatomy with a mix of mechanics, detailed in every way with 3D looks.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (2)

2. Guns and Roses Tattoo

Lively red colors with careful shading with complex detailed on the guns and thorns. It takes time to create such a piece.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (3)

1.  Grim Reapers Watch

Mechanical watch of death expressing the time of death, metallic theme with a dark side, detailed in every way with much more complex ink, with a brilliant shading.

Top 10 Chest Tattoos (5)

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