Top 10 Creative Cross Tattoos


10. 17th Century Victorian Cross Tattoo

Elegant yet stylish with Victorian design and more likely a metallic brass cross if its real.


9. Hands of Faith Tattoo

Plain solid cross with a realistic hand drawn catching the cross.

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8.  Iron Cross Tattoo

Detailed and the cross is suppose to be made into a pure iron with rosary beads, cool shading too.


7. Royal Cross Tattoo

The kings cross with roses as background. Drawn to be realistic 3D and excellent mix of shadows.


6. Holy Flesh Tattoo

A complex type of tattoo emerging from thorn skin illusion. brilliant display of artistic creativity. A very creative cross tattoos.


5. Thorn Cross Brick Tattoo

A stone marble like cross tattoo engulfed with thorns ripping across the skin.


4. Prayers Cross Tattoo

A stone type cross tattoo with a set of palms praying, symbolizing a faith, marvelous shading too.


3. Divine Glow Cross Tattoo

A specialized glow in the dark ink used in order to make that tattoo glow showing there is a holy light in that cross.
creative and unique.


2. The Face of Crucifixion Tattoo

The face of Jesus inside the cross making a 3D hollow effect on the skin. creative and mastery of art.


1. The Sacred Body Tattoo

Most remarkable with a 3D effect and bloody background exposing a muscle like blood, complete with stone tablets on the side and chained cross in the middle. perfect craftsmanship and imagination.


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