Top 10 Creative Cat Tattoos


Cat tattoos can look great on women, check out our top 10 creative cat tattoos below:

10. Cat Note Tattoo

A sexy feline Persian cat shaped in a music score, creative, plain and clean made tattoo.

Creative Cat Tattoos

9. Moonlight Feline Tattoo

Standing through the night on the moon.

Moon cat tattoo

8. Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Most people would recognize this wide mouth cat, his name is Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland.

Cat sleeve tattoo

7. Fantasy Cat Tattoo

Butterflies, gust of wind and natures leaves, its really a magical cat with a creative design.

6. Lucky Cat Tattoo

Most Chinese refer to this as the lucky cat of fortune and prosperity.

Foot cat tattoo

5. Orphan Blood Cat Tattoo

Colorful less fur cat with a huge single scratch from shoulder down to the arms.

Water colored cat tattoo

4. Midnight Cat Tattoo

Black and white, sneaky and silent, a feline that crawls and wanders when everyone is asleep.

back neck cat tattoo

3. Snow Cat Tattoo

As white as snow and as soft as cotton, this gorgeous cat with good texture and colored ink.

white cat tattoo

2. Sebastian Cat Tattoo

Cute cuddly and adorable cat tattoo with a tie on his neck, realistic enough and artistic.

Realistic cat tattoo

1. Cats True Nature Tattoo

We known cats for its colors black, white, orange, yellow. Creative looking and a masterpiece.

Colorful feline tattoo

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