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Top 10 Colorful Chest Tattoos for Women

Posted on November 23, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
This is the top 10 colorful chest tattoos for women, there is so many amazing designs to help you get inspired. Check out our list below:

10. Spring Time Tattoo

Spring season blooming on its chest with a bird trying to land on a branch of a tree.

9. Blooded Winged Hourglass Tattoo

Creative and light and vivid color and it has that brilliant texture too.

8. Rose Skull Tattoo

A skull emerging from the center of the rose facing one another and you can even make a custom name on the center.

7. Harmonic Garden Tattoo

With musical notes and birds surrounding the flowers its really a nature inspired artwork.

6. Royalty and Elegance Tattoo

A crown of a majestic queen surrounded by blooming flowers, as dark as it could be but dominating.

5. Golden Heart Locket Tattoo

A golden locket with scattered roses around it, very feminine and elegant.
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4. Queens Jewel Tattoo

Silver elegant necklace with bright red roses around it, its like a ruby shining through the jeweled accessories.

3. Hemp Roses Tattoo

Bright red rose roses grow between the chest, symbolizing prickly, strong but full of charm.

2. Bloody Nature Skull Tattoo

Surrounded by petals of flowers is a skinned skull head with full of blood, a deadly paradise.

1. Jeweled Lotus Tattoo

Like a blooming lotus but petals are made to be like gems with a fairy theme and vines scattered on the sides.

Some Extra Photos of Models With Chest Tattoo

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