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Top 10 Casino Inspired Tattoos

Posted on November 24, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
These tattoos are Los Vegas and casino inspired. Here is our top 10 Casino inspired tattoos:

10. Cue Cards Tattoo

A set of ace cards together with a cue 8 ball and dices it really shows the iconic pieces of gambling.
casino inspired tattoo

9. Lucky Dice Roulette Tattoo

A gambling of Roulette with dices thrown over, its a game of luck and chances.
casino inspired tattoo

8. Lucky Cards Tattoo

A set of cards with a sign that says “What you give is what you get” its like an eye for an eye.
casino inspired tattoo

7. Death Gamble Tattoo

A bad luck gamble with a set of cards behind a skull and a bad luck snake coiling around the cavities of the skull.
casino inspired tattoo

6. Las Vegas Tattoo

Money, Fame, Luck and Girls, all iconic things you could see in Vegas.
casino inspired tattoo

5. Lucky Dice Tattoo

With a set of realistic cards and a glass red dice around it, expressing gambling and luck.
casino inspired tattoo

4. Queen of Gambles Tattoo

Most creative and expressive tattoo with a woman spade for eyes a shot glass with dice instead of ice cubes.
casino inspired tattoo

3. Texas Poker Tattoo

It symbolizes the native Texas and its origin of gambling where the western culture started all of it.
casino inspired tattoo

2. Nevada Las Vegas Tattoo

A colorful design with vivid colors expressing the bright and night life of Vegas.
casino inspired tattoo

1. Lady Luck Tattoo

Colorful, inspiring and vivid in texture with neat finish, this tattoo had it all, dices, roulette’s, a wine glass with a woman and all the fame.
casino inspired tattoo
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