Top 10 Best Sports Stars with Tattoos


Here is a list of celebrities who are passionate about tattoos and body art as well as there chosen sporting profession.

1. David Beckham Tattoos

The famous English Soccer player is arguably the most popular soccer star in the world. He has a passion for tattoos also.

David Beckham Sleeve Tattoos

2. Chris Andersen Tattoos

This famous basketball player is famous for his colorful ink and tattoo designs.


3. Allen Iverson Tattoos

This list would not be complete without basketball star Allen Iverson in it. His favorite tattoo is the skull on his left arm that says ‘FEAR NO ONE’.


4. Mitchell Johnson full sleeve and ribs tattoo

Famous cricketer has a cheetah on his ribs.

Mitchell Johnson tattoos

5. Mike Tyson face Tattoo

This epic boxer is very popular about his bold and daring face tribal tattoo.

Mike Tyson Tattoos

6. Matt Barnes Tattoos

Basketball star Matt Barnes has several tattoos on his chest and the both arms.

Matt Barnes Tattoos

7. J.R. Smith Tattoos

J.R. the basketball star has full sleeves, neck and a full chest covered with various tattoos.

J.R Smith Tattoos

8. Natasha Kai Tattoos

It is a rare case to find a famous female soccer player and more rare a soccer player with a tattoo passion. Natasha Kai is  passionate about her tattoos check her out below.


9. Kevin Pieterson Tattoos

This English Cricketer has a Maori tribal tattoo on his shoulder. A fine art piece.

Kevin Pieterson Tattoo

10. Shaq Tattoos

Shaq has a superman tattoo on his shoulder. A very fitting tattoo for the NBA star.

Shaq tattoos Sport star

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