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Top 10 Beautiful Mythology Greek Tattoos

Posted on November 21, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
For centuries people with mastery in the field of arts have accomplished paintings of mythology gods and goddesses. Tattoo artists achieved this kind of skill by drawing it on the skin. So here are some awesome Greek tattoos.

10. God Apollo Tattoo

Looks like a backside of the coin during the Greek era and its remarkably simple and unique shading.
Apollo Greek Tattoo

9. Atlas Greek Tattoo

Although the Globe is not what I expected to be round but the featured details are remarkably unique making it a 3D like effect.
Atlas Greek Tattoo

8. Athena Tattoo

Goddess Athena with a complex shading feature with fine texture, like a painting on a canvas.
Athena Greek Tattoo

7. Athena with a Bow Tattoo

Another Athena but with a bow and only a robe, textures are much more detailed here and with a light shading.
Athena Greek Tattoo

6. Ares Tattoo

The god of war itself with metallic like shading emphasizing the red color of blood and war.
Ares Greek Tattoo

5. Icarus Tattoo

Soaring up the winds with marvelous craftsmanship, combined it with a plain skin complexion as if i seen this on the old myth book illustrations.
Icarus Greek Tattoo

4. Hercules Tattoo

The man with incredible strength and superior abilities wearing a skinned bear on his head, best shading too.
Hercules Greek Tattoo

3. Medusa Tattoo

Queen of serpents with a bunch of snakes as her hair, remarkable texture on skin portrayed a stone like statue.
Medusa Greek Tattoo

2. Poseidon Tattoo

The god of sea with bright and smooth texture, with careful inking too.
Poseidon Greek Tattoo

1. Zeus Tattoo

God of lightning with an outstanding shading feature, its like a mythology book illustration on the skin, remarkable and brilliant texture.
Zeus Greek Tattoo
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