Top 10 Beautiful Mythology Greek Tattoos

Mythology Greek tattoos are a very popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. Mythology is defined as a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to be in their present form.

Mythology often depicts gods, goddesses, heroes, and other supernatural beings who have extraordinary or superhuman powers. Mythology has been used by many cultures throughout history to explain natural phenomena such as thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Mythological figures appear in art from all over the world, which was an effective way of passing on cultural traditions. Many people wear tattoos with mythological figures for personal reasons that may range from self expression to religious beliefs or rites of passage into adulthood.

This article features ten beautiful ones that will inspire you.

10. Apollo Tattoo

Apollo was the Greek god of light, music, prophecy, and healing. The Apollo tattoo symbolizes immortality because Apollo always came back to life after being killed. It’s also a symbol of creativity because Apollo was known as the god of music which would be considered creative in ancient Greece.

Another interpretation is that Apollo represents enlightenment or knowledge because he helped people learn how to read and write through his prophetic abilities. Lastly, it can represent power because Apollo had control over natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms making him very powerful among other gods in ancient Greece.

Apollo tattoos are usually done with black ink, so they stand out against pale skin tones, but not all are this color – some are green or blue to match the colors Apollo was associated with. Apollo Tattoo Apollo tattoos are usually done with black ink, so they stand out against pale skin tones, but not all are this color, some are green or blue to match the colors Apollo was associated with.

Apollo tattoos can also be made up of many different symbols, often including laurels, arrows, lyres, omphalos stones and swans. Apollo tattoos can come in any size.


9. Atlas Greek Tattoo

Although the Globe is not what I expected to be round but the featured details are remarkably unique making it a 3D like effect.

Atlas Greek Tattoo. Atlas was a Titan, the son of Iapetos and Klymene from the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa. He is most known for his role as a Titan in the war against Zeus with other Titans to take control over the Universe. Atlas’s punishment from Zeus was to hold up The Heavens on his shoulders so that he would not have any connection with Earth. Atlas holds onto hope that someday he will be free and finally able to return home to visit his family one last time before he dies.

Atlas has a unique tattoo because Atlas is holding onto what looks like a Globe, with countries etched onto it. Atlas’s tattoos are truly unique and original by sticking with his name and role as Atlas.


8. Athena Tattoo

Goddess Athena with a complex shading feature with fine texture, like a painting on a canvas.

Athena Tattoos are a popular choice for many people. The Greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Athena is often depicted with wings on her back and a spear in her hand to symbolize both power and justice.

The Athena tattoo has been used by various cultures over time to represent their idea of this powerful goddess’s attributes: courage, determination and intelligence, all qualities we hope we possess ourselves. Athena tattoos also symbolize female empowerment because Athena was one of three virgin goddesses (the other two being Artemis and Hestia) and is also the goddess of heroic endeavor.

Athena tattoos can be done in different styles such as realistic or anime-inspired illustrations. The most common locations for an Athena tattoo are the upper arm, thigh, chest, shoulder blade and lower leg.


7. Athena With A Bow Tattoo

Another Athena but with a bow and only a robe, textures are much more detailed here and with a light shading.

Athena is the name of an ancient Greek goddess, and she was a very powerful one. She is known for her wisdom and strategic thinking. The Greeks believed that Athena helped them be victorious in war and aided in their everyday life by providing them with many useful inventions like the potter’s the wheel or the bridle for horses.

Most importantly, Athena was always thought to be fair and just. She had a hand in both sides of every argument before it even started.


6. Ares Tattoo

The god of war itself with metallic like shading emphasizing the red color of blood and war.

In Greek mythology, Ares, the god of war and bloodlust, is a popular tattoo subject for those who wish to show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Ares tattoos often incorporate skulls, weapons, fire and other elements from the battlefield as well as religious symbols such as crosses or angels. These tattoos can be done using an entire spectrum of colors from black ink on white skin to red ink on black skin with any number of shading techniques.


5. Icarus Tattoo

Soaring up the winds with marvelous craftsmanship, combined it with a plain skin complexion as if I seen this on the old myth book illustrations.

As Icarus flies up to the sun on his father’s wings, he becomes too close and falls into the sea below. The legend has been interpreted in many ways for centuries in this interpretation of Icarus Tattoo, Icarus is flying towards enlightenment with a passion in his heart that he doesn’t want to let go of. He then realizes that it’s time to fly back down into reality and face what was left behind after all these years (his past).

The Icarus tattoo might represent an individual who is being pulled by two different forces, one in which they are trying new things, exploring their creativity while also having responsibilities or obligations they must take care of at home. These people often feel torn between two different parts of life that they want to experience fully. Icarus Tattoo represents an idealized figure who is trying to fly towards enlightenment while at the same time realizing that it’s time to come back down and face reality.

To add a little bit more depth, Icarus’s wings were not made from feathers but from wax. Icarus tattoos could symbolize a person who has been pulled in too many directions by their own personal dilemmas and needs to escape from reality for a short while so they can return restored with a fresh outlook on life. Icarus was also known as a reckless man, the type of guy that likes living on the edge so Icarus might be used as a tattoo design for people who have unpredictable lifestyles that could get them into trouble.

Icarus is also known for his inventions or discoveries which makes Icarus tattoos an ideal design choice for people who want to immortalize their name in immortality by associating it with Icarus’ name. Icarus was credited with inventing sails, controls on ships, several types of boats, the potter’s the wheel, the anchor and the trumpet, among many other things.

Nowadays, Icarus tattoos are not popular choices but they are still used by a few individuals to symbolize themselves as intellectual rebels who cannot be restricted by social norms or obligations so they have chosen to do what they see fit instead of being forced to behave in certain ways according to others’ expectations.


4. Hercules Tattoo

The man with incredible strength and superior abilities wearing a skinned bear on his head, best shading too.

Hercules Tattoo. Hercules was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Alcmene. Hercules is one of the most famous Greek heroes and he was well known for his strength and courage in battle. Hercules had to perform twelve labors as penance for killing his family (he wasn’t aware they were actually his family). The first labor Hercules performed was slaying the Nemean lion which Hercules strangled with its own claws before using them to kill it.

Hercules managed to accomplish all twelve labors which included killing the dangerous Hydra. Hercules ordered his nephew Iolaus to cauterize the stumps after Hercules had removed each head of the Hydra. Hercules then went on to kill a giant boar which he once again strangled with his bare hands. After Hercules completed all twelve tasks, Eurystheus gave him some more tasks but they were not dangerous ones, so Hercules didn’t have to worry about failing them. Hercules is most known for his strength and courage in battle, but what makes Hercules stand out even more is that he did it naked wearing only a skinned bear tied at his waist.


3. Medusa Tattoo

Medusa is a figure from ancient Greek mythology, most famous for her role in Medusa’s story. Medusa was once a widely revered goddess who presided over aspects of nature such as the seasons and childbirth, but she became known primarily as “the Gorgon” after being transformed by Athena into an immortal creature with snakes instead of hair. Medusa now appears mainly in works of art and popular culture depicting her battle with Perseus.

Medusa tattoo is one that depicts Medusa head on your body. It can be depicted either full bodied or just head alone, depending on what you want to do. Medusa tattoos can be portrayed with Medusa turned to stone, petrified like the Medusa story goes or Medusa head on some other body parts of your choice.


2. Poseidon Tattoo

The god of sea with bright and smooth texture, with careful inking too.

Poseidon is one of the most famous Greek gods and he is popularly known as Poseidon throughout the world. Poseidon has many stories about him, one of which is Poseidon and his son who got into a huge fight because Poseidon’s wife was lying to each other. Poseidon cursed the Earth with earthquakes because of this fighting between his son and his wife. Poseidon’s symbol can be drawn with waves, etc., to signify the rage or anger associated with Poseidon. Poseidon’s were famous for their horses that are now extinct because they are depicted as the half horse, half human creatures in ancient art works.

Poseidon tattoo can be seen as a symbol for power overseas, oceans, etc., or it can also be used to represent watery depths that are hidden behind an impenetrable surface.

Poseidon tattoos are mostly done in black color, but they can also come in other colors like blue or green. It is not very common to see Poseidon’s tattooed on hands because they signify control over others rather than self control. But there are many people who want to show their love for the ocean by getting them tattooed on their back or leg so that they will always have Poseidon’s protection while swimming deep into the ocean.

Poseidon tattoos are a good choice for those who have strong interests in the sea or water sports and activities because Poseidon is also known as the King of Sea. Poseidon tattoos can be easily done on any part of the body, but Poseidon’s symbol can also be drawn as artwork instead to represent their love for the ocean. Poseidon tattoos are usually drawn with a trident. However, it’s not mandatory to draw Poseidon’s weapon. This god is also seen holding a three pronged fork that represents his authority over land, sea and everything beneath them both. Poseidon tattoo can be drawn with anything that signifies oceans or seas like a shell or a fish etc…

Poseidon tattoos can also portray Poseidon’s strong worship towards Aphrodite, whom he fell in love with at first sight but didn’t have much luck winning her heart so he ended up creating a horse from the waves and gifted it to her. Poseidon tattoos can be drawn in black ink or blue color, it’s not mandatory though. Poseidon tattoos are mostly used to signify control over oceans or seas but Poseidon was also known for his horses that were capable of running through ocean waters.

Poseidon’s stories are mostly based on Greek mythology. However, he is worshipped by many people today too who love Poseidon’s power over the sea and oceans. Poseidon tattoo design varies from one person to another because there are no set guidelines regarding how Poseidon should look like in tattoo artworks…


1. Zeus Tattoo

God of lightning with an outstanding shading feature, its like a mythology book illustration on the skin, remarkable and brilliant texture.

Zeus, the king of all gods in Greek mythology, is often depicted with lightning bolts coming out of his hands or Zeus’s tattoo. Zeus is also referred to as the Father of Gods and Men, which makes him the most powerful god in the world. He was believed to be a sky god who ruled over all other gods and men.

Zeus had powers that included controlling thunder, rain, storms, wind and lightning which he used for defeating enemies like Typhon by burning them down with his power.

Zeus tattoos are one way people can pay tribute to their favorite mythological character while getting an original design on their body at the same time.