Top 10 Bad Cartoon Tattoos


Here is our top 10 Bad Cartoon Tattoos, each one is worse than the last.

Number 10 – Stuffed Rabbit Tattoo

This is a very bad tattoo. Although not the worst on the list…

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 5

Number 9 – Ninja Turtles Tattoo

Cartoon ninja turtles with poor detailing.

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 6

Number 8 – Minion tattoo

Lacking in detail and poor quality of work.

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 7

Number 7 – Miley Cyrus Cartoon Tattoo

This is perhaps the worst idea for a tattoo ever.

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 9

Number 6 – Taz Riding a Unicorn

The artwork here is terrible. Looks to be done by a child.

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 9

Number 5 – Snow White Cartoon Tattoo

A cool Gothic idea, but the lines are poorly drawn.

Bad Cartoon Tattoos 8

Number 4 – X-Ray Cat Tattoo

This is perhaps the worst idea for a superhero ever. So bad perhaps its funny… maybe


Number 3 – Shrek tattoo

Hello ladies its Shrek, the art work is not bad but this is just a little silly.


Number 2 – My Little Pony Vomiting

This person must really had My Little Pony to get this tattoo.

my little pony tattoo

Number 1 – Homer Simpson Butt Tattoo

I love the Simpsons too. However, I can’t image ever asking for this tattoo.

homer simspon tattoo

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