Top 10 Awesome WWE Tattoos


We all find awesome entertainment in wrestling. Here are the coolest tattoos of the best wrestlers in the WWE. Here are my top 10 awesome WWE tattoos

10. Wade Barret Tattoo

Wade Barrett has large-scale, standout tattoos on both of his arms, but it’s the classic red rose intertwined with song lyrics that is more visually impressive in its composition and design.

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9. Chris Jericho’s Iron Maiden Eddie and Lady Justice Tattoo

Cool and artistic with cool colors, it shows hard metallic band, actually Jericho is the front man of the heavy metal band Fozzy and also a awesome wrestler.

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8. Jeff Hardy’s Full Sleeve Root Tattoo

A dead rooted tree with a realistic texture and awesome shading, really artistic and badass looking.


Top 10 Awesome WWE Tattoos (8)

7. Randy Orton’s Tribal Back Tattoo

Full custom tribal design on his upper back and full shoulders, with a hardcore pattern.

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6. Roman Reigns Arm Tattoo

A special place in art and literature, an image commonly used to represent the strength and justice of authority. It is fitting, then, that Roman Reigns’ epic tattoo extends the entire length of his right arm, representing a true reflection of his powerful intensity as a competitor

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5. Batista Full Back Dragon Tattoo

The huge Chinese dragon is very impressive not only for its scope, but also for its powerful line work across the creature’s many scales.

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4. Brock Lesnar’s Demon Skull Tattoo

A demonic skull figure as if can be seen in any ritual black occult’s its really clean without the messy shading

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3. CM Punk’s  Skull and Snake Tattoo

Colorful and vibrant texture with a mix of different art colored shading, looks like the ink is still fresh

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2. The Rock’s Tribal Arm and Chest Tattoo

Polynesian design with an awesome pattern that matches his masculine body. truly amazing and cool

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1. Undertakers Full Sleeve Demons and Skulls Tattoo

Its quite messy and a bit light shaded, but its careful detail and art makes with look cool especially if the undertaker taking the hell side of tattoo

Top 10 Awesome WWE Tattoos (1)

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